Our Brands

We are proud to stock an excellent range of radiators from the most premium brands; who fashion high-end heating systems with luxury craftsmanship, using only the purest metals. This ensures that our getting the best prices, most innovative technology, energy efficent styles and a cosy home.

All of the brands that we work with, are masters of their art, employing the most skilled engineers and designers to design the most innovative and technologically sound radiator systems in the world. Each radiator construction is a painstaking process, which involves minute detailing and multi-level quality control. So, we can guarantee that you are in the very best of hands when you choose to invest in our radiators.

Aeon Radiators

Aeon are well-renowned for being artists in their field, celebrated for creating stylish, sleek and artistically stunning radiator and heating product designs that will add a dash of flawless fashion to your home.

Their specialty is stainless steel and have a habit of making a radiator or towel heater look like an art installation rather than a heating solution, which will be a conversation starter at all your future dinner parties.

Choose from a gorgeous range of head-turning Aeon vertical towel radiators, innovative wall mounted heaters in space-saving, gravity defying shapes and many other accessories that will leave you desperate to invite guests round to see them!

Aeon Finishes

Aeon offer a range of finishes in eith Brushed Matt PVD or Polished PVD, with colours like Gold, Black, Copper, Bronze and Rose Gold, your Aeon Radiator can be customised while remaining durable thanks to Aeon's coating process.

Gold Brushed Matt Stainless Steel Finish

GS - Gold Brushed Matt

Antique Bronze Brushed Matt Stainless Steel Finish

ABS - Antique Bronze Brushed Matt

Bronze Polished Stainless Steel Finish

BP - Bronze Polished

Black Polished Stainless Steel Finish

BKP - Black Polished

View the full selection Aeon Finishes here

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Arroll Radiators

Arroll pride themselves on stocking innovative designer radiators to add a special touch to your home, and Arroll are experts in traditionally styled radiators made from Cast-Iron with modern adjustments to make the most efficient heat output.

Arroll radiators look perfect in period homes, or as a period character piece in a modern setting. For over 15 years, Arroll has been researching classic radiator designs to recreate the style for current homeowners who are looking for a touch of nostalgia. The radiators in this range take inspiration from the late 1800s and early 1900s, with Edwardian, Neo-Classic, Victorian and Art Deco features.

Arroll's range of Cast Iron radiators are affordable, stylish radiators readily available. You can be guaranteed that your purchase is a high-quality investment, where every radiator comes with a 10 year guarentee so it'll stand the test of time.

Arroll Cast Iron Finishes

Arroll has a dedicated highly trained team of metal polishers and detailers. From polishing each section to highlighting raised or ornate features in carious colours, our team can really transform each radiator to give that extra Antiqued and Aged effect.

Arroll also provide the option for having your radiator painted in Farrow & Ball or RAL colours. This offers more flexible in choosing a colour for your radiator that will match your living enviroment.

Below are some featured finishes from Arroll, showcasing the high-quality detail you can expect.

Aged Natural Brass

French Grey Aged

K3003 Aged

RAL 1035 Aged

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Carisa Radiators

Carisa are experts that unite style and function to create fantastic radiators. Carisa are a leading brand in the manufacturing of designer radiators, with a wide range of radiators, with stunning vertical and horizontal for every room in the house.

Carisa are specialists in innovative vertical radiators and towel radiators that help transform any room to the next-level by establishing itself as an eye-catching feature of the room's decor. For those who want to seamlessly blend their radiator into the room, carisa offer a variety of subtler designs, that take advantage of efficent heating technology.

Having maintained a successful reputation over the past 40 years in the heating industry. Designer radiators and towel radiators, Carisa are a top brand who you can trust to deliver style and function, with some of the most unique products available on the market today. We are extremely proud to call Carisa Radiators, a fantastic UK manufacturer, a supply partner. We are able to offer all products with free mainland UK delivery.

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Carron Radiators

Carron Finishes

With nearly 200 RAL Colours to choose from, you'll be able to customise your Carron radiator to match the living environment. From bright yellows, to dark blues and everything inbetween, you'll be spoilt for choice.

See a few of the popular RAL Colours below, showing the range of vivid colours availabile to customise your radiator to match the style of your home.

Heather Violet (RAL 4003)

Pastel Blue (RAL 5024)

Pale Brown (RAL 8025)

Cream (RAL 9001)

View the full selection of Carron Cast-Iron Finishes here

View the full selection of Carron RAL Colours here

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DQ Heating Radiators

DQ Heating is one of the leading suppliers of designer radiators, towel rails and other radiator accessories in the UK. Family owned and run and with a huge range of stocked radiators, DQ Heating offers a service that most competitors can only dream of. DQ Heating has continued to grow nationally and become one of the UK's top radiator providers, a range of sizes, materials and heat outputs, we are glad to call DQ a partner.

With creative heating solutions, all at a great value prices, with extra valves, add-ons and towel bars, your radiator will feel even more vivid in your home.

The majority of our DQ Heating range is available for next day delivery, no waiting around for your radiators, DQ offer a quick, secure and reliable sevice, with long guarantees, you can be sure that DQ will provide stunning radiators, that'll last a long time.

DQ are one of the leading suppliers of Electric Radiators, offering a range of standard and towel radiators to be installed as electric ready. Giving you more control over the temperature, DQ's range of electric radiators is sure to impress, with multiple electric elements you can customise the radiator to suit your desires. Electric radiators are the future and DQ supply some of there classic radiators all ready and electric, making your purchase much easier. Also DQ's electric range is available in next day delivery.

DQ Heating Finishes

DQ offer a huge range of colours, allowing you to truly make your radiator your own. With over 300 RAL Colours to choose from, from bright yellows, to dark blues and everything inbetween, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing how to customise your radiator. Whether you want a contrasting colour to your living enviroment, or something that will blend more naturally, DQ has the choice for you.

Also on offer, DQ have their own special finishes, these are more detailed, more unique, and can really give your radiator that eye-catching look. These finishes come in unique styles, from Melange, Wavy and Fine Texture.

For DQ's excellent Cast Iron range, we have dedicated finishes, that are high quality, very detailed designs, from Gold and Copper, with some stunnign Polished finishes available.

DQ Heating Brochure

Eskimo Radiators

'Passionately dedicated to saving the world from the ugly and impractical saboteurs of interior design'. Eskimo's Motto. The kings of design and practicality, no one makes radiators like Eskimo.

This small but well-loved and respected UK brand offer top of the class design and engineering, meticulous attention to detail and stunning finishes. Created at their Bristol studio - Made by their own skilled manufacturing team in their Birmingham factory.

As pioners in designer radiators you will be glad to choose from their range for your home or office space. We are proud to stock Eskimo radiators and accesories.

See a few examples below of the unique designs Eskimo bring to the heating industry, with the outline range in particular, Eskimo's abilty to design stunning radiators without losing heat output is unmatched.

Eskimo Finishes

Choose a great custom finish to match your Eskimo radiator. Eskimo's range of finishes allow for truly unique radiators.

Eskimo provide a colour match scheme, where they have the facility to match almost every colour available on the RAL colour range, along with Farrow & Ball or Little Greene. A high-performance radiator matched to your style.

Along with the colour schemes, more unique finishes are available, from Metallic colour that present stunning light and shade. Gong finishes that are perfect for Eskimo's panel radiators, stunning brass and copper finishes. Real Stone finishes that bring your home back to nature, bringeing you closer to the earth.

Detailed woody finishes, that provide great insulation, offering several beautiful veneers, you'll get a nice spread of temperature that is a masterclass in design. Finally, the Pop-Art range gives your piece a splash of colour, the artisic design can turn any space into a visually feast. With Eskimo's finishes, there's plenty of ways to stand-out from the crowd.

The Fronze

Baron Stone

Fumed Oak


View the full selection of Eskimo Finishes here

Eucotherm Radiators

Eucotherm has been a go-to manufacturer of bathroom radiators, towel radiators and designer radiators for over 20 years, they have reached an impressive level of excellence in their engineering behind their high-quality and industry-leading product development.

This assurance to quality is what we love about eucotherm, the consistent level of excellence that they have achieved over the last 20 years is something to inspire.

Eucotherm are specialists in infrared radiators (which makes use of infrared FAR technology) which has been proven to help the body remove toxins, reuce tension and boost the immune system. This technology allows for Eucotherm products to be some of the slimmest radiators on the market, installtion is breeze, making these radiators suitable for many homes.

The range of option Eucotherm present for both Living Room and Bathroom radiators is incredible, from flat panel designs, single tubes and much more. The companies mission to provide an excellent heating output for all kinds of living rooms is what makes them a proud partner.

Eucotherm Finishes

Eucotherm have a bespoke colour and special textured finish service. All finishes are powder coated. Orders for RAL Colours and Special Finishes take around 6-8 weeks to be delivered.

RAL Colours range in a variety of colours and shades, this level of choice gives you more confidence that'll you be able to find your perfect colour. Whether you want your radiator to contrast your scheme or blend in.

Special Finishes provided by Eucotherm, give more unique, detailed finish, with a range of hammered, metallic or matt finishes.

Hammered Copper




View the full selection of Eucotherm Finishes here

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Kartell Radiators

Kartell radiators bring masterclass manufacturing with an innovative approach to production using the latest technologies, and service with creative thinking and a fresh approach. Kartell has become one of the biggest suppliers of radiators in the UK, Irish and French heating markets. This isn’t a surprise though from the range of towel rails, compact radiators and column radiators. They have no problem showcasing their exceptional products.

Often abbreviated as K-Rad, Kartell Radiators have been disruptive in the HVAC industry since their conception in 2008… We guess you could say they’ve been heating up in popularity due to their commitment to quality and the continuous development of their products.

Kartell Radiators operate out of Bedford & Wigan creating a strong arm in the United Kingdom for a modern heating company to bring affordable, high-quality radiators to market.

Kartell Finishes

9010 Pure white

5024 Pastel blue

6019 Pastel green

2004 Brilliant orange

View the full selection Kartell Finishes here

Kartell Brochure

Lux Heat Radiators

Lux Heat is our own premium brand where we can give competitive pricing to popular styles. We have brought together our extensive knowledge which covers radiator design and heating knowledge.

Our designs are available in horizontal and vertical designs with a vast range of materials and finishes for you to choose from. No matter which Lux heat product you’re looking at, they all boast high BTU outputs. You can rest assured knowing your Lux heat product will effectively heat your space.

All Lux Heat radiators come with a 10-year warranty to give you even more confidence in our brand. Along with a 10% discount on all Lux Heat products if you have a trade account with us.

Lux Heat Finishes

Your new radiator or towel rail will be painted by our UK based specialists in a long lasting satin finish.

Available in 188 RAL colours including our standard white RAL 9016, a bright porcelain white (as an alternative to the RAL colour 9010 Pure White, a soft creamier white can be specified at the standard white price). We also offer various special finishes including Bare Metal Lacquer, Gun Metal Grey, Textured White and Ivory, Mottled, Metallics, or Gold finishes.


Hammered Bronze - Mottled/Hammered Finish


Hammered Gold - Mottled/Hammered Finish


Olmec - Sparkle/Metallic Finish


Palladium - Sparkle/Metallic Finish

View the full selection of Lux Heat Finishes here

MHS Radiators

MHS is an acknowledged leader in radiator design and technology going from strength to strength over the last 30 years, building up has its own fleet of delivery vehicles and warehousing facilities.

With their focus on unique takes on the classic column design, MHS have an innovative range based on one of the simplest designs. Whether you are looking for classic cast iron radiators or a slick finished dual fuel, this great value company offer beautiful designs at cut throat prices.

MHS radiators offer a range of energy efficient heating, and all based on the mantra that less is more. Whether you're looking for that perfect hallway heating unit or a column radiator for your bathroom, MHS offer up some of the best options for all homes. Column radiators are well known for being economical on their use of space, and for their dynamic use of radiating heat between their loops. Whether you are going for chrome radiators, anthracite radiators, or painted finish, the MHS radiator collection is a must for column radiator lovers.

MHS Finishes

With the wide range of colours, you can add an extra element of individuality to your MHS radiator, creating a more personal and unique radiator, that better matches the enviroment the radiator will be located in.

MHS has a range of RAL Colours available as well as an exclusive range for Cast Iron radiators and the MHS Decoral range.

MHS Brochure

Paladin Radiators

"We blend tradition with innovation, charisma, quality, and craftsmanship to make a stunning selection of cast iron radiators, designed to add a distinctive beauty to any of the residence, traditional or modern."

Paladin are the loved and respected leading manufacturer of sumptuously grand cast iron radiators & column radiators based in Lincoln, UK. Their beautifully crafted antique style column radiators, valves and accessories provide an almost regal finishing touch to your décor, whilst being entirely functional and efficient.

Paladin cast iron radiators are hand-built in the UK by their team of expert craftsmen, delivered to your home from just 7 days. Paladin has its own dedicated foundry producing some of the finest radiator castings available today

Paladin Finishes

Paladin is proud to be an official partner and supplier of Farrow & Ball paints. Their stunning range of quality paints are a perfect match for any heritage property. They add a classic high quality finish to your radiator that perfectly complements almost any interior. Choose any colour from their extensive range for a long lasting superlative finish.

Paladin Radiators have many years of experience in painting cast iron radiators. Our Paint Effects service gives you a wide range of distinctive finishes to help make your own unique statement. Our exciting Paint Effects are a perfect choice when something more interesting is required. For over two decades now Paladin has produced these stunning finishes to enhance the look of your cast iron radiators.

The Highlight Paint Effect is a totally unique artisan effect that brings the detail of your radiators to life. Paladin have perfected this magnificent effect over the years to create stunning and individual cast iron radiators that become a fantastic eye catching centre piece in any room.

Bright Gold

James White / Copper


Hand Polished

View the full selection of Paladin Colours and Special Finishes here

Paladin Brochure

Reina Radiators

REINA's selection of radiators and heated towel rails are renowned for being some of the most stylish, energy-efficient and durable products on the market. REINA products are designed by an in-house team of designers who have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Because their radiators combine a modern, minimalist aesthetic with high-quality materials, you can enjoy all the benefits of a REINA designer radiator or heated towel rail without sacrificing style.

REINA radiators come in a range of styles which are suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes. With almost 20 years of experience producing high-quality radiators, REINA radiators are available in a vast range of styles. Whether you're looking for a conventional, traditional look or a modern, energy-efficient solution, their extensive selection has something for everyone.

REINA works hard to keep up with home fashion trends. They believe that your home should reflect who you are, so they want to help you make it as unique as possible. They provide traditional radiators but also modern, abstract styles to smarten up the bathroom. An electric towel rail can also help to modernise the bathroom. REINA also provide standalone electric radiators that can be remote-controlled and come in multiple modes for all of your heating needs.

REINA radiators are very functional and come in a range of types fit for every purpose. Aluminium materials help a radiator to heat up a lot more quickly and as a result, they can produce a lot more heat than a standard towel rail. Column radiators can fit into the tightest of spaces vertically. Reina radiators also come in stainless steel, which means that they will last a long time and look beautiful in your home.

Reina Finishes

REINA now offers 33 exciting RAL colour options on selected Radiators.

All finishes are powder coated and are available within 7 working days from point of order (subject to stock availability).

See a few of the popular RAL Colours below, showing the range of vivid colours availabile to customise your radiator to match the style of your home.

6029 Mint Green

8003 Clay Brown

5002 Ultramarine Blue

3002 Carmine Red

View the full selection of Reina RAL Colours and Special Finishes here

Supplies 4 Heat Radiators

Supplies 4 Heat radiators are a company providing perfectly simple radiator designs at brilliant value prices.

The radiators on sale are versatile and effective and will find a place in every home, whatever the interior design. With a wide range of column radiators, vertical radiators and panel radiators on sale, you will find comfort in the unique designs being supplied by Supplies 4 Heat designer radiators. As a whole, the range is typified by the radiators efficient and powerful heating which brings a beautiful range of moods and atmospheres to your home.

Supplies 4 Heat are a radiator company that was started in Italy and bring a wealth of experience from their parent company IRSAP. With their wide range of designer radiators bringing a unique blend of boutique designer radiators and great value for money.

Flat panel vertical radiators are another popular radiator style from Supplies 4 Heat. With a wide range of radiators on sale, the Supplies 4 Heat range of vertical radiators offer a range of finishes and RAL colours, making your heating unit as personalised as you want it.

Supplies 4 Heat Finishes

Supplies 4 Heat now offers 26 amazing RAL colour options on a range of selected radiators, available within 3-4 Weeks - Subject to Availability.

Traffic White supplied as standard.

See a few of the popular RAL Colours below.

RAL 7044 - Silk Grey

RAL 1015 - Light Ivory

RAL 3004 - Purple Red

RAL 6013 - Reed Green

View the full selection of Supplies 4 Heat RAL Colours here

Supplies 4 Heat Brochure

Terma Radiators

Terma has been in the radiator industry since 1990. Ever since then Terma has become a household name when it comes to radiators. This is all due to Termas' long engineering arm of business. Whilst having a focus on Radiators the company is also known to create medical products, construction equipment and other industrial machinery.

Terma's vision came into fruition in 1991 when Edward Brylowski set the main goal to produce high quality bathroom radiators such as towel radiators. Terma had set an emphasis on using steel profiles to do this from premium stainless steel and mild steel. It wasn't long after that that this quality had become a distinguishing feature for Terma radiators.

Terma's company values proves it as a consumer friendly company. Putting the customer first and always ensuring innovation in their products. This approach makes them the ideal radiator manufacturer and the perfect solution to your heating system.

In 2022 we see Terma radiators have not faltered at all in terms of quality and their creative flair has only gotten better in the designer radiators that they produce. From stunning bathroom designs from their towel radiator range to amazing vertical radiators, we are more than sure there's a part of Terma's range that will enhance your property.

Terma Finishes

Terma recognise that it's not just the shape and form, but the colour and texture, in this colour page you can see around 250 colours to choose from. With such a wide range of colours to choose from, your Terma radiator will perfectly match the your living enviroment, allowing it to naturaly fit in all kind of rooms.

Premium colours are wet-painted finishes that reflect light stunningly, to begin with, each radiator is protected with epoxy coating before being painted in the finish colour.

From bright Yellows to Dark Blues, over 190 Colours can be seen in the Terma Finish Range.

Brushed Brass

Black Crocodile New

Autumn - Ornament Gold

Flat Black - Ornament Gold

View the full selection of Terma Finishes here

Terma Brochure

The Radiator Company Radiators

The Radiator Company have efficient designs that are suitable for any living or workspace. The wide range available is a reflection of the latest design trends and technical developments in both modern and traditional radiators.

The Radiator Company create precise and functional radiators that come with neatness that has become a signature of their brand. Whether you're looking to buy hallway radiators, bathroom radiators or living room radiators, there will be a radiator that is right for your home. If you're on the lookout for that perfect radiator model for your home, the Radiator Company have the perfect blend of slick modernity and subtle efficiency. The Radiator Company designer radiators are one of the most recognised radiator models on the market and, with so many different styles, they will blend seamlessly into any home, no matter the design aesthetic.

Several designs are available in custom built-in sizes, along with quite literally thousands of stock items in set sizes and finishes, making the Radiator Company one of the most flexible manufacturers in the industry. Radiator Company radiators are therefore the perfect mix of tradition and modernity, bringing with them a blend of efficient heating and classic looks.

The Radiator Company has years of experience and can tailor their designs around your needs as a customer and homeowner. They focus on beautiful designs from across the broad spectrum of radiator innovation. Two specific designs stand out as one of their go-to designs, though. These are the classic column radiator and the vertical towel rail.

The Radiator Company Finishes

The Radiator Company offer a wide range of classic colours and finishes to choose from including metallics mottled, textured effects, as well as bare metal lacquer and galvanised finishes. Distinctive and individual, a Special Finish adds a personal touch to your interior.

A special finish can add individuality and create a stunning feature or focal point to any room You can personalise your radiators to create a truly individual result. Our range of special finishes include a range of characteristics to choose from.


Textured Black Matt


Mottled Bronze


Antique Copper


Textured Stone

View the full selection of The Radiator Company Finishes here

The Radiator Company Brochure

Towelrads Radiators

Towelrads are a company that effortlessly fuses practicality and style with their hugely popular bathroom towel rails and designer radiators. They are one of the go-to manufacturers of towel rails and towel radiators due to their ability to transform the look and feel of a family bathroom on any budget to find the best bathroom radiators.

What sets Towelrads apart from similar competitors? First and foremost, their commitment to utilising 25mm tubing as standard on all their bathroom towel rails and radiators gives them a big head start. While many other towel rail manufacturers opt for thinner 19mm or 22m tubing, the 25mm tubes on standard Towelrads products ensure the optimal heat output for any bathroom space – keeping you and your garments nice and toasty.

Aside from the optimal heat output of Towelrads products, the brand’s designers have a true eye for contemporary style. Whether you’re looking for a practical and efficient towel rail for a downstairs toilet or a statement radiator for your family bathroom or en-suite, Towelrads rails and radiators are a sight to behold.

Towelrads Brochure

Ultraheat Radiators

Dating back to 1989, Ultraheat is one of the country's leading sellers of simple yet effective radiators. With a range that dates back to the beautiful and classic horizontal flat panel radiators and now incorporates a whole host of new and unique designs. You’ll be pleased by the value for money, effective heating, and diverse shapes, sizes, and colours. Ultraheat is continually updating its models to reflect the ever-shifting needs of the customer, their expectations and current trends.

Our selection of Ultraheat's radiators offers a breath of fresh air in your space, bringing towering columns, spiralling blade designs and bold panelled squares. Our range includes a diverse selection of panel radiator sizes, as well as clean and crisp towel radiators that will fit seamlessly into your bathroom. With a huge selection of sizes and finishes to choose from, Ultraheat radiators are at the top of the boutique radiator game and bring more than just warmth to the home.

Based in Milton Keynes, Ultraheat radiators are built by national leaders in the industry. With a whole host of beautiful models to choose from, the Ultraheat range has been deemed the top choice for professionals for years now. With love and stability built into each radiator model, the Ultraheat range is some of the best durable radiator models.

Ultraheat Finishes

Compliment the customer's colour schemes – and introduce the custom and alternative finishes which are now available on many radiators. A custom RAL colour finish, for example, would allow your customer to match their radiator directly to their chosen colour palette, not to mention the textures, wood effects and stone inclusions all available across the Ultraheat range.

We offer a bespoke collection of Aluminium finishes, so if there is a finish you are after, contact us for this service. When it comes to aesthetic versatility, aluminium also delivers well; our aluminium ranges all feature a beautiful variety to give you the best possible selection. Please see the information on the different options available on aluminium Ultraheat radiators below.

Argus Gloss Anodised

Crocodile Texture in Gold

Metallic Copper in Gloss

Metallic Graphite in Semi-Gloss

View the full selection of Ultraheat Finishes here

Ultraheat Brochures

Vogue Radiators

Vogue has built a reputation for creating stunning designs that add a sense of style to any room in the home while being equally passionate about manufacturing excellence and creating products that are as robust and durable as they are beautiful.

Choosing the right designer radiator or towel radiator is about much more than just keeping your home warm. The radiator has evolved from mere function to become a reflection of your home's interior design - a style statement in its own right. That's why Vogue has created a stunning collection of innovative radiators and towel warmers that will inspire as much as they warm.

Vogue have been creating radiators since 1990, and have also led the way in research in many other aspects of home life. Due to this, the Vogue radiator team is able to offer up a wide range of beautiful radiator finishes that promise to reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever product you choose, you can be sure your heating solution will keep you comfortable in your home without compromising on energy efficiency.

Vogue Finishes

From subtle hues to bold and bright or a glossy sheen to textured or matt expressions, along with high-quality metallic finishes, we have an extensive selection of colour options to add the perfect finishing touches to your model. For a closer look feel free to request a sample of any of our finishes.

The colours and finishes below are available on many Vogue UK models with the 'RAL Colour' finish option, please specify your selection upon adding the product to your basket.

Matt Gold

Brushed Chrome

Antique Bronze

Polished Copper Plate

View the full selection of Vogue Finishes here

Vogue Brochure

Zehnder Radiators

Zehnder are as old as the industry itself, with radiator designs which reach back as far as 1930 when the Zehnder Charleston was first designed.

Zehnder radiators are more than simply objects of heating. Designed by renowned international designers, they stand for a modern and self-conscious savoir-vivre. They blend perfectly into the current lifestyles like the country house ambience, minimalist purism, classic style or colourful mode.

Following Bisque joining the Zehnder Group in 2007 from 1st July 2022 the Bisque range has been brought under the Zehnder brand. As part of the Zehnder family, Bisque's bold and timeless designs now benefit from Zehnder's industry recognised unwavering and steadfast technical expertise.

Zehnder Finishes

From subtle hues to bold and bright or a glossy sheen to textured or matt expressions, along with high-quality metallic finishes, we have an extensive selection of colour options to add the perfect finishing touches to your model. For a closer look feel free to request a sample of any of our finishes.

The colours and finishes below are available on many Vogue UK models with the 'RAL Colour' finish option, please specify your selection upon adding the product to your basket.

Pastel Green - RAL 6019

Ruby Red - RAL 3003

Terracotta - 0292 Matt

Beach Gold = 0272 Matt

View the full selection of Zehnder Finishes here

Zehnder Brochure