Living Room Radiators

The living room is the feature room of any home, so making sure it is comfortable and looking its best is important. With our range of specially chosen Designer Radiators featuring excellent heat outputs and beautiful style, we are sure you can transform your living room whatever the size.

Whatever your aesthetic preferences, you can be sure that Just Radiators will have the perfect fit for your living room. We stock an incredibly wide selection of products, that come in all the heights and widths you could possibly require. The great customisable options mean that you can create a heating system that is not only high quality but also looks great and fits perfectly into your home.

All of the UK's favourite radiator manufacturers can be found on this page, at prices that we promise won't break the bank. Our ethos here at Just Radiators is to provide homeowners with incredible choice at incredible prices, and the great living room radiator choices listed below are no exception. All of these products come with a lifetime guarantee, and we’re confident in their ability to heat up homes with the utmost efficiency, even throughout the coldest British winters.

From the flat panel Reina Vertical to the Ultraheat Column Horizontal radiator, we have a range of styles and customisations available to make choosing your radiator the best experience. Whether you want a subtle addition to your living room or an eye-catching statement, at Just Radiators we are sure you can find the perfect radiator for you.

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Our contemporary radiators for living rooms will complement any modern home perfectly. Why not choose a minimalist stainless steel finish that will help add more light to your living space, and looks great against wood-finish floors? Alternatively, more classic designer ranges will fit effortlessly into a living room with a more refined style. We’ve made sure to stock living room radiators that come in a wide variety of finishes that will work with any home décor scheme imaginable. That’s because Just Radiators know your living room needs to be perfect, and the heating system should be no exception. Why not take a look at our amazing range below and see for yourself?

If you have any questions regarding any of our living room radiators please contact our team today!!

It might seem like a silly answer to the question, but really this depends on your living room's style, and the shape and size of the overall room. For example, if your living room is full of quirky alcoves and has an interesting shape, you may wish to make use of this by sizing up your room and measuring the radiators against this before buying.

For a more minimalist style living room, we also understand that you may wish to keep radiators as out of sight as possible, possibly behind furniture that won't block out the heat. Alternatively, for an antiquated, classic living room style you might even wish to place more detailed, designer radiators for living rooms into space as focal points. The possibilities really are endless - and by choosing some of the amazing cheap living room radiators from our range you can let your creativity run wild.

Again, this question depends very much on the radiators you are choosing and the size of the living room - there really is no one-size-fits-all solution here. For example, in a smaller living room, vertical radiators will make the best use of the space, even if only including one or two heaters. When it comes to living room radiators, UK sellers might try to sell you more radiators than you actually need, on the premise that the weather can get so cold at certain times of the year. However, Just Radiators understand that by choosing the best energy-efficient heaters, you can minimise the space taken up by radiators in your living room.

At Just Radiators, we understand that every living room is very different, but that similarly, all living rooms mean a lot to the people that spend their lives there. Your living room should be a place you feel cosy and safe, whether as part of a large family or living alone.

That's why our team will be happy to talk to any customer looking for advice on their radiator choices, and help you tailor your system to your living space for the perfectly heated home. Just Radiators understand that purchasing a radiator might not seem like the most glamorous thing in the world, but that it will make a massive impact on how comfortable you feel in your home. The modern radiators for living room spaces listed on our site are made for exactly that purpose, and have tried-and-tested customer reviews that prove their quality. That's why we have a quality guarantee on every product we sell, and a low price guarantee to match.

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Here at Just Radiators, we've been in the business for a while now, so we understand how to achieve the quality service our customers have come to expect. We take pride in the fact that we will happily meet any quote put forward by another supplier, and refuse to let our low prices be beaten elsewhere. If you've got any queries relating to the products on offer from Just Radiators, check out our FAQs page, or alternatively contact us for more information.