Cast Iron Electric Radiators

Cast iron electric radiators combine the timeless and sturdy design of cast iron with the convenience of electric heating. These distinctive radiators are often used in homes and commercial spaces as an alternative to central heating radiators.

Save On Energy Bills with Cast Iron Electric Radiators

Cast iron radiators are famous for their robustness and heat retention capabilities. They continue radiating heat around your space even after being turned off. Apart from their conductive and efficient features, they are also beautiful. Our range of Cast iron electric radiators acts as a beautiful feature piece for your traditional or contemporary space.

These radiators use electricity as a heat source. This helps you massively reduce your carbon footprint whilst enjoying efficient heat. They are incredibly efficient due to their energy-saving features. Enjoy adjustable temperature settings and programmable timers to set up specific heating zones within your space throughout the day. This makes sure that there isn’t any heat going to waste and you constantly have optimal heat control.

Before you pick out your perfect electric cast iron radiator, it’s important to know what the desired heat output you need for your space. To do this, use our very own free BTU calculator.

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