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Black Radiators

Our premium collection of black radiators has a range of stylish options, from vintage-style 4 column radiators to contemporary slimline black vertical radiators. With a bold aesthetic, exquisite design and expert craftsmanship, you can count on Just Radiators for the best black radiators for sale. Our high-quality radiators have been designed for maximum energy efficiency and performance.

If you're looking for a professional, stylish and easy to maintain heating solution, our collection of radiators has the perfect option for you. We're proud to stock our range from some of the most exclusive designer radiator brands including DQ, Lux Heat, Reina and Ultraheat. We all know black never goes out of style, and our radiators provide a high-quality alternative to painting an old and inefficient radiator. Available in a wide range of finishes, such as matte black, dark grey and anthracite, we have the ideal radiator to suit any home or business.

Black Radiators For Interior Design

At Just Radiators, we have black vertical radiators for bathrooms, kitchens, offices and more, with the very best prices for designer radiators online. If you've upgraded your bathroom with black tiles, our radiators will complement your space perfectly and we have vertical, horizontal and freestanding options. All of our radiators are available in a number of sizes and shades and we also have a wide variety of valves, accessories and plumbing supplies for a hassle-free installation.

Popular in modern apartments with minimalist design, distinguished restaurants and bars as well as traditional homes with darker walls, this is a unique and stylish choice. At Just Radiators, we're trusted by renovators, builders, developers and plumbers for our superior quality radiators and impressive prices. Whether you need one radiator to complete a kitchen or a set of contemporary radiators for a whole office block, we have the ideal heating solution for you.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you can't find what you're looking for we have plenty of radiators on offer from vertical radiators and horizontal radiators. Maybe you're after a different colour, such as grey radiators or white radiators. Or, maybe you're after a different style, such as; towel radiators, panel horizontal radiators or electric radiators.

However, before you choose a radiator it is important to work out the BTU for your space. Use our free BTU calculator to work out which radiator will be most suited to your space.

Make sure you check out our huge range of sale radiators for some breath-taking deals.

Once you have chosen your ideal radiator, check out our huge range of radiator valves to finish of your radiator in style. We have a huge range for you to choose from so you can be sure we have something to go with your taste and décor.

Heat Output (BTU's)  
Heat Output (Watts)  
Range Height  
Range Width  
  1. 7016 Anthracite Texture 8 items
  2. Anodised Aluminium 2 items
  3. Anthracite 30 items
  4. Anthracite - RAL 7016 2 items
  5. Anthracite 7016 Matt 1 item
  6. Anthracite Matt 1 item
  7. Anthracite Texture 7 items
  8. Antiqued Paint Effect 1 item
  9. Bare Metal 1 item
  10. Bare Metal Lacquer 8 items
  11. Beaumont Standard Finish 6 items
  12. Black 14 items
  13. Black - RAL 9004 5 items
  14. Black Nickel Lacquer 1 item
  15. Black Primer 1 item
  16. Blackboard 2 items
  17. Bright Nickel 1 item
  18. Brushed Black 2 items
  19. Brushed Bronze 2 items
  20. Brushed Nickel 1 item
  21. Brushed Stainless Steel 5 items
  22. Brushed Stainless Steel LUM 1 item
  23. Brushed Stainless Steel RAL 1 item
  24. Brushed Stainless Steel RAL-v 1 item
  25. Brushed Stainless Steel SG 1 item
  26. Brushed Stainless Steel SIL 1 item
  27. Chrome 19 items
  28. Colour & Special Paint Finish 18 items
  29. Colour Finish 17 items
  30. Colour Match / RAL 1 item
  31. Copper 2 items
  32. Copper Lacquer 1 item
  33. Crocodile Textured 18 items
  34. Dupont Micrograin Finish 38 items
  35. Etched Brass 2 items
  36. Etched Copper 2 items
  37. Farrow & Ball 8 items
  38. Gloss Anodised 18 items
  39. Gloss White - RAL 9016 16 items
  40. Graphex 2 items
  41. Grey - RAL 7015 6 items
  42. Gun Metal 2 items
  43. Hand Burnished 2 items
  44. Highlight Paint Effect 1 item
  45. Lacquered Bare Metal 1 item
  46. Lacquered Highlight Polished 1 item
  47. Lacquered Satin Polished 1 item
  48. Little Greene 1 item
  49. Matt Anodised 18 items
  50. Matt Black 5 items
  51. Matt Black - RAL 9005 3 items
  52. Matt White 5 items
  53. Matt White - RAL 9016 16 items
  54. Metallic 2 items
  55. Metallic Colour - Compost & Fopp or Maggie 1 item
  56. Metallic Colour - The Fronze 2 items
  57. Mirror 6 items
  58. Other Anodised 18 items
  59. Other White RAL Colours 18 items
  60. Paladin Colours 1 item
  61. Pearl Bronze 2 items
  62. Polished 4 items
  63. Polished Stainless Steel 5 items
  64. Premium Finishes 1 item
  65. Premium Lacquer 1 item
  66. RAL 9016 White 3 items
  67. RAL Colour 179 items
  68. RAL Colour (Most Popular) 4 items
  69. RAL Colour (Other) 4 items
  70. RAL Colour/Colour Match 2 items
  71. Raw Metal 2 items
  72. Satin White 9 items
  73. Special Finish 47 items
  74. Standard Finishes 1 item
  75. Textured Anthracite 10 items
  76. Textured Anthracite 7016 2 items
  77. Textured Black 7 items
  78. Textured Matt Black 1 item
  79. Textured White 9 items
  80. Umbra Grey - RAL 7022 1 item
  81. Volcanic 2 items
  82. White 119 items
  83. White - RAL 9010 26 items
  84. White - RAL 9016 27 items
  85. White Aluminium Matt 2 items
  86. White Matt 2 items
  87. Wood Effect 18 items

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Items 1-24 of 266

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Black Radiators FAQs

Having a black designer radiator in the UK has many advantages, whether you choose a horizontal radiator or a vertical designer radiator one of the main advantages is that matt black retains and absorbs heat better than any colour. Meaning your radiator will be warmer for longer.

  • Efficient - As mentioned above, a designer radiator can retain heat a lot more. Multiple heating studies have shown that a black finish on a panel radiator can allow for smooth heat distribution across the surface area. This natural advantage allows you to save money on your heating bills as well! So, whether you have a black towel rail or a double panel vertical radiator, you can be sure it'll be very efficient.

  • A Focal Point In Any Home - They can enhance any home by creating a focal point in any home, as not only do they contrast but they also compliment any surface. So whether you're looking to blend a black flat double panel radiator or a vertical column radiator against a black wall. Or if you're looking to contrast a black flat panel vertical designer radiator against a white wall then it is going to look majestic. Whether you choose a towel rail or a flat panel vertical radiator

  • A Wide Range To Choose From - Our range of designer radiators involves great models in categories such as; vertical radiators, flat panel, towel rails, horizontal designer radiators, single panel radiators & double panels and traditional column horizontal radiators. We have matt black radiators and gloss finishes available.

  • From our range of contemporary to even cast iron radiators. If you want this colour in your home then you've come to the right place.