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Column Radiators

For the die hard fans of a traditional interior, or even the owners of period properties, who suffer from limited space, column radiators offer the perfect heating solution. As one of the most attractive yet affordable radiators available, they are a complimentary addition to any home.

Column radiators are designed to be just as high-performing as any other radiator. Here at Just Radiators, our range boasts a superb heat output rate, enough to heat even the tallest or largest of rooms! They can retain heat for longer resulting in reduced energy bills and emissions. Investing is really a no brainer!

Our range of column radiators have been hand-picked by our team from well-respected brands such as Lux Heat, DQ, Reina and Ultraheat. Additionaly we offer cast iron column radiator options With luxurious and unique offerings from Paladin and Beaumont to provide you with design flare, maximum comfort and excellent function and style, no matter what your interior style taste is.

Due to the sturdy build and iron loops, column radiators are some of the most efficient home heaters. They provide an unrivalled high BTU output as well as being flexible to your home interior tastes. Also, they are unbelievably versatile in modern and traditional properties. Please use our BTU Calculator to determine the correct heat output for your room.

Column Radiators at Just Radiators with the best prices and free UK delivery

Our column radiators are available in a diverse range of finishes and designs, from the classic horizontal column radiator to the tall vertical modern interpretations. As they’re available in a plethora of standard and unique colours to suit all types of interiors, we are confident that you will be able to find your perfect radiator for any room within our collection – no matter your budget.

If you have any questions regarding any of our column radiators please contact our team today!!


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Why Pick a Column Radiator?

The ever so popular radiator style is mostly chosen for its stylish flair and traditional appearance. However, there are many more advantages to choosing a column radiator these include:

Column Radiators have great flexibility when it comes to sizes, the only thing that would technically hold you back when picking a column radiator is how much space you have, but there are always options to suit you. We offer a huge variety of sizes that are available for quick delivery. These are available in 2,3,4,5,6 columns depending on the depth you have the space for. These depths are also available in many heights and widths to suit your requirements.

Due to the materials that column radiators are made out of. Radiator manufacturers craft these in a wide range of differing depths, sizes and shapes. Vertical column radiators are very popular due to their space saving design, that can stand tall in spaces that are tight. Vertical column radiators offer fantastic heat output and are stocked in many sizes, typically the heights start from 1500mm and go up to as tall as 3000mm. With Widths starting from 160mm (3 sections) so this is a very good space saving option if you can use the height of the wall. If we don't have your desired sizes in stock we can offer it as made to order which usually takes 6 weeks delivery on average.

Due to the surface area of column radiators, they tend to have a higher heat output than most traditional radiators. The benefit of column radiators is that they are built in sections, so once you have your chosen height, the width is never a problem. Should you still require more heat output from the size you need, you can then expand the depth of the columns which will increase your output so based on all these options, you will always find the heat output you need.

Column radiators are great value for money, and are aesthetically pleasing, especially with the colour options and finishes available. Generally our stock finishes are White, Anthracite and bare metal lacquer, we have a wide range on our website to choose from to suit any budget and colour or finish you require. If you can't find what your looking for please contact us and we'll be sure to help you.