Introducing our collection of RadiWarm radiators. These radiators are all powered by electricity and they are very efficient at supplying your space with heat. Say goodbye to lengthy installations with these RadiWarm electric radiators. Simply unbox your radiator, plug it into a UK electrical socket and enjoy efficient heat in your space.

RadiWarm is an independent British company based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. They have been manufacturing water-filled electric radiators for 20 years. They are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic when it comes to electric radiators. Every RadiWarm has been hand-made and tested by their radiator experts and their manufacturing site in West Yorkshire which has a rich industrial heritage

Before you pick out your ideal RadiWarm radiators, it’s important to know what the required heat output is for your space. To do this, use our very own BTU calculator. Simply enter a few pieces of information regarding your space and then view all the radiators best suited.

RadiWarm Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery

If you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for on this page, please have a look at our full range of electric radiators for a wider selection of options. We have an extensive range of radiators for you to view.

If you have questions about RadiWarm, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We have an award-winning team of experts who are always happy to assist you.

RadiWarm Popular Questions

How Do RadiWarm Radiators Work?

Our collection of RadiWarm radiators are perfect if you need heat in your space quickly. There’s no need for messy installations with these radiators. They come pre-filled with specially treated water in a fully sealed unit, which is simply plugged into a standard UK [plug socket.

Are They Efficient?

Our RadiWarm radiators are 100% efficient as all of the electrical energy that goes into them are converted into heat. This makes them one of the most efficient heating solutions out there.

Can RadiWarm Radiators Be Used in Any Room?

Our collection of RadiWarm radiators can be used anywhere with access to any UK electrical socket. This means wherever you have access to electricity, you can access to these radiators.

Do They Come with A Warranty?

Yes, all of our RadiWarm radiators come with a warranty of 5 years. This gives you greater peace of mind and trust in the brand.

Do RadiWarm Radiators Have Energy Saving Features?

We have an optional 7-day controller that allows you top set up specific heating schedules for all days of the week. This can massy help you save on those expensive energy bills.