Small Radiators

Small Radiators are a necessary feature for any room that is lacking space, but needs to be heated to full capacity. If you worry about not getting a good heat output from a smaller system, there’s no need to! With their efficient, ingenious and elegant design, they provide excellent heat output and bring you all the comfort you need.

Our range features only the best products, which have been handpicked from respected brands for their heat output and design quality. Inevitably, this makes them the perfect addition for smaller size spaces, from cloakrooms, to snugs. They deliver exceptional functions for their size, which leaves your home at a perfect temperature without being dominated by a traditional radiator.

With a compact design and stylish look, these small electric towel radiators can fit in the smallest bathrooms and cloakrooms. We also have small modern radiators for your living room, giving you a taste of class and quality, and we can’t promise quality without giving you the best. With every purchase, you get quality and durable items which will serve you keeping your bathroom or cloakroom warm for you and your family to enjoy. Our small radiators range in price from as little as 91 pounds ensuring there is something for everyone. These towel radiators might be small in size but not in performance and style with their beauty matching both looks and results. Our products have been tested and ranked among the best in terms of quality and price.

JustRadiators offers various types of small towel radiators from the best manufacturers in terms of design, performance, and size, ensuring you get something that suits your taste and intended purpose. Be sure to purchase valves and accessories for your installation sold separately at our website at affordable prices. Order with us today and have your radiator or its accessories delivered to you within 24hrs anywhere in the UK mainland with our free UK next day delivery on goods with a return option within seven days from the date of receipt.

If you’re interested in our small radiators, then simply match the radiator output to your British Thermal Unit (BTU) requirement, to ensure that your room is heated economically to the perfect temperature. You can always use more than one radiator to reach the British Thermal Unit of your room.

Cheap Small Radiators Available Online at Just Radiators with free UK delivery

Here at Just Radiators, we have a lovely selection of small radiators available in many different styles, sizes, colours and finishes; from four different manufacturers. We are confident that you will find the best radiator for your home – bringing you both style and function.

If you have any questions regarding any of our small radiators please contact our team today!!

When choosing a new radiator, it's important that you know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.

Small Radiator FAQs

Is room space becoming a hindrance to that luxurious bathroom you always wanted? We have something just for you, the Reina Troisi Stainless Steel Modern Towel Radiator. Measuring 294mm by 532mm, this towel radiator is a combination of beauty and performance with a polished finish, which makes the stainless steel gleam, adding not only style but also comfort. This towel radiator from Reina Troisi comes with a mind-blowing 25 years quality guarantee given the tough high quality polished stainless steel. What’s even better, this small towel radiator comes with its fittings and brackets and is compatible with any of the available standard central heating systems. The radiator can also be converted into an electric or dual fuel model by the manufacturers at an extra cost. With the many radiator valves available, making a choice would be hard, but that is all sorted out at our website before making a purchase.

Practical and attractive, we give you the Reina Arlec Horizontal Aluminium Electric Designer Radiator. Available in a white finish and made from aluminium, this is the thinnest radiator we have on our website, and with the slimline design, it can fit into the tiniest places. With this small horizontal radiator, your living room will have a stylish look. Equipped with a digital timer display and a sensor, this radiator comes with remote control giving you a comfortable time using it. The radiator can be fitted on a wall or stand on the floor using the feet or wall brackets available with each delivery..

Other than the typical features that many go for when choosing radiators-style, material, and heating supply compatibility, size is of great importance too. Bigger rooms require larger radiators that the small ones. Rooms with more windows will need higher BTU valued radiators than those without or with fewer windows. Installing a large radiator in a small room will have you wasting a lot of energy and wall space.

The opposite applies to small areas where there won’t be enough heating in case of a large room. In case of a small radiator in a large room, the boiler will never be off, thus reducing its durability. A suitable radiator needs to produce enough heat for your room space. This output is measured in British Thermal Units, whereby the higher the BTU rating, the more heat generated by the radiator. You can find a BTU calculator at our website, thus making your purchases easier before you start looking at features like style and design. Be sure to make a wise decision from our wide range of quality radiators when making your purchase to avoid unnecessary expenditures in the future.

There is something for everyone at Just Radiators offering small modern radiators to fit your bathroom, living rooms, and cloakrooms. We have a range of very small radiators from four different suppliers varying in style and what’s more important, cost. With our small electric radiators, we guarantee you quality at an affordable price. Along with our radiators, is the valves and accessories bought separately with professional advice on every radiator on what accessories would suit your purchased radiator and installation.

With our next day delivery in the UK mainland and neighbouring regions, we ensure our customers receive their orders in time. Customers in the UK mainland get their orders delivered for free and at a fee in the neighbouring areas. Just Radiators allow cancellation of orders up to 7 days after receipt of goods that are not faulty or damaged at the cost of 25% of the sale value. Our staff is available to assist customers in case of any inquiries about our products and services.