Glass Radiators

Whether you're looking for a stunning statement piece or efficient, cost-effective heating with minimal maintenance, with our wide range of glass radiators we offer a selection of stylish and unique additions to any home space. Explore our specially selected collection to find the perfect glass radiator to fit your home at market-beating prices and with free UK delivery.

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Before searching all our products, make sure to check out our British Thermal Unit BTU calculator to work out which radiators will fit your room requirements. If you have your heart set on a smaller radiator, but it doesn’t match the BTU requirements, don’t forget that you can use multiple radiators to equate to the BTU value.

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Glass Radiators Frequently Asked Questions

Originally conceived for use in the construction industry, glass radiators were designed to fit the purpose of a flat, high-performance heater at an affordable price. To achieve this, they employed the use of infrared heating to heat the space, and this resulted in a shallow radiator with minimal controls and no clunky pipes or plumbing. These sleek, shallow radiators have since grown into a popular choice among homeowners across the country for a variety of reasons.

Most of these radiators are electric radiators with exceptions to the ones with mirrors. The heating function will be specified within the products in our range. We have many vertical radiators and horizontal radiators in these glass styles.

  • Easy to Install: With no pipes or plumbing, designer glass radiators are easy to install, making them perfect for spaces in which fitting a more traditional radiator would be too difficult or take up too much space.
  • No maintenance: Other than standard controls, glass radiators have minimal parts that need maintenance, saving you the unexpected costs and stress that more traditional options can cause.
  • Efficient, eco-friendly heating: Glass radiators utilise infrared heating that not only avoids losing heat to the pipework or surrounding heat like standard options but runs on electricity, which is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy source.
  • Aesthetics: These sleek, ultra-shallow heaters offer vast potential for uplifting any room with stylish contemporary designs, making them the perfect option for style-conscious homeowners looking to add a modern twist to their décor. Our range of designer glass radiators offers a wide selection of colours and images to uplift any home space.