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Luxury Radiators

Luxury is described as ‘a state of great comfort or elegance.’ Luxury radiators aren’t any different. They exude opulence and richness, and bring a chic and attractive air to your home. With some of our range, you wouldn’t even realise they were radiators! They make a stunning impact in any room.

When you're proud of your home, you want to be proud of every single fitting and furnishing. Luxury radiators are the perfect finishing touch to any room. Some blend in perfectly, hardly even there, whilst others look like pieces of artwork. If you want a radiator that doesn't even look like one, then designer luxury radiators are the answer. You could have a radiator that doubles up as a chalkboard or one that works as a full-length mirror for checking your outfit in the morning.

You might think that it costs a small fortune to buy luxury radiators online. But, these radiators don't need to break the bank when you buy them. Look at our great range of cheap luxury radiators, which look so much more expensive than they are! Cheap doesn't mean low quality, which means that our luxury radiators are incredibly effective and efficient. They're stylish, but it's not a case of style over function.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, we guarantee a luxury radiator will look equally stylish in both. Just as effective in heating your room, as they are attractive, our luxury radiators meet the highest quality and design standards for some piece of mind.

Our range of luxury radiators will make your dreams come true! They are available in a diverse range of finishes, materials, sizes and colours, from four different manufacturers. We can’t wait for you to discover all that the luxury radiators offer.

Cheap Luxury Radiators Online at the Best Prices and Free UK Delivery

If you're looking for something a bit different, how about a radiator that looks like a slab of stone or rock? These incredibly stylish ways of heating your home can completely transform a room. Alternatively, opt for a large linked chain or a colourful abacus that looks great in a children's playroom. Many of our designer and luxury radiators don't want to be hidden away - they're ready to take centre stage. Whether you choose a radiator that's multi-functional, one that looks artistic or one that's barely there, luxury radiators heat your home whilst improving its overall look.

Take a look at our extravagant range of luxury radiators, and indulge yourself in over 250 options!

If you have any questions regarding any of our luxury radiators please contact our team today!!

When choosing a new radiator, it's important that you know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.

Heat Output (Watts)  
Range Height  
Range Width  
  1. Alternating Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel 1 item
  2. Aluminium 3 items
  3. Aluminium Top Grille 1 item
  4. Anodised Aluminium 2 items
  5. Anodised Gold 1 item
  6. Anodised Textured Bronze 1 item
  7. Anodised Textured Grey 1 item
  8. Anthracite 8 items
  9. Atlantic 2 items
  10. Bamboo 1 item
  11. Bare Metal 1 item
  12. Barron Stone 2 items
  13. Black 1 item
  14. Blackboard 2 items
  15. Brassy 2 items
  16. Brassy Knoll 2 items
  17. Brushed Black 2 items
  18. Brushed Bronze 2 items
  19. Brushed Mild Steel 1 item
  20. Brushed Stainless 2 items
  21. Brushed Stainless Steel 46 items
  22. Brushed Stainless Steel LUM 1 item
  23. Brushed Stainless Steel RAL 1 item
  24. Brushed Stainless Steel RAL-v 1 item
  25. Brushed Stainless Steel SG 1 item
  26. Brushed Stainless Steel SIL 1 item
  27. Champagne 3 items
  28. Chrome 2 items
  29. Colour & Special Paint Finish 1 item
  30. Colour Finish 8 items
  31. Concrete 2 items
  32. Cosmos 2 items
  33. Dusky Moodstress 2 items
  34. Earthy Pit 2 items
  35. Etched Brass 2 items
  36. Etched Copper 2 items
  37. Fumed Oak 1 item
  38. Glass Picture 5 items
  39. Gold 3 items
  40. Gold Brushed Matt Plated 1 item
  41. Lacquered Bare Metal 1 item
  42. Marron 3 items
  43. Matt Aluminium 3 items
  44. Matt White 3 items
  45. Metallic Colour - Compost & Fopp or Maggie 2 items
  46. Metallic Colour - The Fronze 3 items
  47. Midnight Caller 2 items
  48. Mighty Magmas 2 items
  49. Milky Way 2 items
  50. Mirror 2 items
  51. Mirror Finish 2 items
  52. Nickel Look 3 items
  53. Oak 1 item
  54. Oak Top Grille 1 item
  55. Pippy Oak 1 item
  56. Polished Aluminium 3 items
  57. Polished Stainless Steel 38 items
  58. Pop 2 items
  59. RAL 9016 White 2 items
  60. RAL Colour 3 items
  61. RAL Colour - Glass 1 item
  62. RAL Colour/Colour Match 6 items
  63. Reflective - Polished Copper 2 items
  64. Reflective - Rose Gold 2 items
  65. Rock Hudson 2 items
  66. Rosewood 1 item
  67. Rusty 2 items
  68. Satin - Almond Gold 2 items
  69. Satin - Antique Brass 2 items
  70. Satin - Antique Bronze 2 items
  71. Satin - Copper 2 items
  72. Satin - Dark Antique Brass 2 items
  73. Satin - Dark Antique Copper 2 items
  74. Satin - Light Antique Copper 2 items
  75. Satin - Medium Antique Copper 2 items
  76. Satin - Medium Bronze 2 items
  77. Satin - Rose Gold 2 items
  78. Schistian Slater 2 items
  79. Special Finish 2 items
  80. Sublimation Print - Antique 3 items
  81. Sublimation Print - Copper Pipe 3 items
  82. Sublimation Print - Shipyard 3 items
  83. Supermirror 2 items
  84. Tropical Olive 1 item
  85. Venice Copper 2 items
  86. Volcanic 3 items
  87. Walnut 1 item
  88. White 9 items
  89. White - RAL 9010 10 items
  90. White Sable 3 items
  91. Zebrano 1 item

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Items 1-24 of 106

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