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Towel Radiators

What better feeling is there than wrapping yourself up in a fluffy and snug warm towel, after a bath or shower? That’s right, nothing! Just Radiators stock a premium collection of some of the best towel radiators to help you add style, value and luxury to your bathroom experience.

As well as this, our range of towel radiators provide the perfect energy efficient heating solution for any modern bathroom or utility room. Their exceptional heat outputs will warm both you and your towels, whilst looking utterly chic and saving you a pretty penny.

If you want ultimate comfort and warmth, then why not install your towel radiator near your bath or shower area? This enables you to get quick and easy access to your warm and dry towel towels, without having to step out in to the cold.

Towel Radiators at Just Radiators with the best prices and free UK delivery

Here at Just Radiators, we have nearly 700 stunning towel radiators made from a wide range of materials. We guarantee you’ll be able to find one that matches your personal tastes and the aesthetic of your home. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.

You can choose from a huge variety of finishes, ranging from edgy matt black to chrome and brushed stainless steel. Our range is available in a plethora of sizes and styles to suit every kind of bathroom. Some of these models are so stylish, you won’t be able to tell them apart from a piece of art!

Whether you’re looking for a cheap deal or a luxury investment, you are guaranteed to find the perfect towel radiator with us. Make sure to check out our British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator, which works out the radiators that match your room requirements for heat.

If you have any questions regarding any of our towel radiators please contact our team today!!

Heat Output (Watts)  
  1. Anthracite 40 items
  2. Antique Brass 14 items
  3. Bronze Satin 3 items
  4. Brushed Nickel 17 items
  5. Brushed Stainless Steel 102 items
  6. Gold 3 items
  7. Grey 1 item
  8. Matt Black 2 items
  9. Polished Aluminium 14 items
  10. Polished Brass 14 items
  11. Polished Gold 14 items
  12. Polished Nickel 14 items
  13. RAL Colour 27 items
  14. Special Finishes 15 items
  15. Textured Black 4 items
  16. Textured Latte 3 items
  17. Textured White 4 items
  18. Chrome / White 6 items
  19. White 87 items
  20. Chrome 183 items
  21. Black 10 items
  22. Satin 1 item
  23. Bronze 8 items
  24. Cappuccino 3 items
  25. Espresso 3 items
  26. Quartz 5 items
  27. Glass 2 items
  28. Granite 2 items
  29. Mirror 1 item
  30. White / Polished 1 item
  31. Blue Satin 3 items
  32. Infinity Steel 3 items
  33. Brushed & Wooden 3 items
  34. Latte Flat 2 items
  35. Anthracite Flat 2 items
  36. Chrome Flat 4 items
  37. Chrome Curved 4 items
  38. RAL & Special Colours Flat 2 items
  39. White Flat 2 items
  40. RAL & Special Colours Curved 2 items
  41. White Curved 2 items
  42. Black Flat 2 items
  43. Black Curved 2 items
  44. Polished 3 items
  45. Textured Anthracite 3 items
  46. Brushed Aluminium 3 items
  47. Textured Dark Grey 5 items
  48. Brown 3 items
  49. Matt White 2 items
  50. Polished Stainless Steel 130 items
  51. Gold Brushed Matt Plated 8 items
  52. Antique Bronze Brushed Matt Plated 8 items
  53. Copper Brushed Matt Plated 8 items
  54. Gold Polished Plated 8 items
  55. Copper Polished Plated 8 items
  56. Antique Bronze Polished Plated 8 items
  57. Alternating Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel 1 item
  58. Brushed Stainless Steel with Chrome Trims 1 item
  59. Brushed Stainless Steel with Gold Trims 1 item
  60. White Aluminium Matt 2 items
  61. Matt Black 9005 2 items
  62. White Copper 1 item
  63. Chrome Black 1 item