Towel Radiators & Heated Towel Rails

What better feeling is there than wrapping yourself up in a warm towel after a bath or shower? That’s right, nothing! We stock a premium collection of some of the best towel radiators and heated towel rails. Add comfort, value and luxury to your space with a bathroom radiator. We have hundreds of stunning towel radiators and heated towel rails, made from a wide range of materials. We guarantee you’ll be able to find one that matches your tastes and the aesthetic of your home.

A Huge Selection of Designs, Sizes and Finishes with Towel Radiators

Here at Just Radiators, you can choose from a huge variety of colours and special finishes. Ranging from matt black heated towel rails, to polished and brushed stainless steel towel radiators. You're spoiled for choice. Our range of towel radiators is available in a plethora of sizes and styles to suit every kind of room.

If you are struggling to choose, check out our blog on the ultimate guide to heated towel radiators.

Before you pick out your new towel radiator, it’s very handy to know what the optimal BTU output is for your space. This will help you pick a radiator that will bring efficient heat to your space without wasting any heat. To do this, we have created a free BTU Calculator. All you have to do is enter a couple of pieces of information regarding your space and you can view all the radiators best suited to your space.

Heated Towel Rails, Low Prices and Free UK Delivery

If you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for, we highly recommend taking a look at our aluminium towel radiators, small towel radiators and chrome towel radiators. This will help narrow down your search. Here at Just Radiators, we also have a large range of towel radiators on sale. With beautiful stock options from anthracite, white, and black. This radiator sale is not to be missed.

If you have any questions about any of our towel radiators & heated towel rails. Please get in touch with our award-winning team as soon as possible. Our radiator experts are always happy to sit with you and help you find your perfect radiator.

Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Is a Towel Radiator?

Towel radiators are a type of radiator that are designed to dry towels and wet garments. They are used mainly, but not solely, in bathrooms. Towel radiators effectively combine aesthetic and functionality while providing heat. In recent years, there has been a tendency to install them in other parts of the house, too.

How Can I Use a Towel Radiator?

  • Connected to the central heating system.
  • Electric-only, with an electric element and without any connection to a central heating system.
  • As dual-fuel, with an electric element and connection to the central heating system simultaneously.

Can I Replace a Radiator with A Towel Radiator?

Yes. Heated towel rails plumb straight into your water system, just like a normal radiator and they warm up when your central heating is running. Heated towel rails are ideal for bathrooms that are short on space such as ensuites or a downstairs toilet. You may also want to consider replacing your existing radiator with a heated towel rail, to save some space.

What Is a Traditional Towel Radiator?

There is a common misconception that towel radiators are modern and contemporary. However, we have a range of traditional towel radiators available. Traditional towel radiators bring comfort and multifunctionality to your space and add luxury. They blend modern technological innovation with the classic design of the Victorian and Georgian eras. Our extensive range of traditional towel radiators comes with customisable finishes, styles and colours. Find your perfect towel radiator to heat bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

What Valves Do I Need for a Towel Radiator?

Various valves are designed to be used with different towel radiators and pipe connections. Once you have selected a towel radiator you can view configurable valves under the product description. Otherwise, you can view our huge range of radiator valves.

What Are the Towel Radiator Accessories?

Accessories for your heating appliances can help you control your energy usage more closely and reduce the amount you use. They cause your energy bills to go down and offer superior control options. Support brackets, valves and lock shields will assist in getting the most efficient and highest quality from your new radiator.

What Are the Towel Brackets Used For?

The towel radiator brackets are the parts when you get the towel radiator. These are necessary to fit into the wall for easy installation. This is why you will use the brackets.

What Does Dual Fuel Mean?

A dual fuel towel radiator is adapted to be used on both the central heating system and the main electrical supply. By doing this you can heat your towel rail without having to turn your entire central heating on.