Vertical Electric Radiators

Vertical electric radiators combine the stylish and space-saving features of a vertical radiator with the modern efficiency and heating technologies of an electric radiator. They are perfect if you have limited wall space due to their vertical design and if you want to heat a space without turning on the entire central heating system.

A Vast Range of Electric Radiators with Energy Saving Features

The advantages of electric vertical radiators don’t end with their aesthetic appeal. A lot of our radiators within this range have energy-saving features like timers and even an app that integrates with your phone to give you full control of your radiator on your smartphone. You can set up different temperatures for different rooms so no heat is being wasted. Reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills with our range of vertical electric radiators.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of electric radiators, please have a read of our informative guide.

Before you decide on your perfect vertical electric radiators, it’s key to understand what your required BTU output is for your space. This will allow you to pick a radiator that will heat your space effectively. We have created a BTU calculator for this very reason.

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