Terma Radiators

Terma has been in the radiator industry since 1990. Ever since then Terma has become a household name when it comes to radiators. This is all due to Termas' long engineering arm of business. Whilst having a focus on Radiators the company is also known to create medical products, construction equipment and other industrial machinery.

Terma's vision came into fruition in 1991 when Edward Brylowski set the main goal to produce high quality bathroom radiators such as towel radiators. Terma had set an emphasis on using steel profiles to do this from premium stainless steel and mild steel. It wasn't long after that that this quality had become a distinguishing feature for Terma radiators.

Terma's company values proves it as a consumer friendly company. Putting the customer first and always ensuring innovation in their products. This approach makes them the ideal radiator manufacturer and the perfect solution to your heating system.

In 2022 we see Terma radiators have not faltered at all in terms of quality and their creative flair has only gotten better in the designer radiators that they produce. From stunning bathroom designs from their towel radiator range to amazing vertical radiators, we are more than sure there's a part of Terma's range that will enhance your property.