Chrome Radiator Valves & Accessories

Chrome radiator valves are a simple and affordable way to give your radiator a fresh, modern appeal. The shining chrome finish adds an elegant glow that blends beautifully with almost any radiator design and almost all interiors.

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Our shining chrome radiator valves come in a range of designs and styles from more modern, minimalistic designs to traditional looking valves to add a glow to column radiators, they work well on almost any radiator and are a brilliant addition to bathroom radiators and kitchen radiators. At Designer Radiators Direct we have a fantastic selection of manual radiator valves to effortlessly switch your radiator off and on and a selection of thermostatic radiator valves to give you more control over your heating.

If you are looking for a new radiator we highly recommend you use our free BTU calculator to help you find the perfect radiator to heat your space. Our BTU calculator can work out the required heat output for your room so you can shop easily for an effective radiator to suit your heating needs.

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Chrome Radiator Valves Popular Questions

Are Chrome Radiator Valves Any Good?

Chrome radiator valves add a shine to older more dated radiators, or newer radiators. They are great for giving your interior a “new” look at a brilliant price. One benefit of chrome valves is that they are easy to maintain and keep clean, if maintained correctly they can keep their luxurious glow for many years just like our chrome radiators and stainless steel towel radiators. If you have a chrome radiator and would like tips on keeping it in top condition take a look at our blog, these steps are similar for keeping your chrome radiator valves pristine and your stainless steel radiators in top condition, so if you want or have chrome valves check this guide for how to clean chrome correctly.

Is A Manual Radiator Valve Or A Thermostatic Valve Better?

This depends on how you will use your radiator. Manual radiator valves are more common and more popular in rooms not often used like utility rooms but some people do prefer them in their living rooms.

Thermostatic radiator valves are more commonly used in busy rooms such as living rooms and kitchens, they provide more control so if you have issues with your room being to hot when your heating is on, these valves are perfect for allowing you to control the temperature of your radiator.

When choosing manual or thermostatic, think about how you would use your radiator and if you have issues with the heating in said room. Answering these questions will help you determine if a manual or thermostatic valve would be best for you.

Do Chrome Radiator Valves Rust?

If chrome is not properly maintained you can have the issue of it rusting, though chrome is very easy to clean, so as long as the chrome radiator valve is correctly cared for you shouldn’t have any issues in keeping your chrome radiator valve set rust-free for a long time. All you need to do to keep chrome valves in top condition is to wash it with mild soapy water with a soft cloth or sponge and then make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft dry towel. Chrome can easily scratch so make sure to use soft sponges only.

What Radiator Valve Will I Need?

Radiator valves come in 3 more common shapes. Angled, straight and cornered, these do not fit all radiators so be careful when purchasing a new radiator valve. The shape you need will be determined by where your pipework is and where the radiator connections are. See below for a helpful explanation of each valve shape.

Angled valves - These are suitable for radiators with side connections and pipework that comes from the floor.
Straight valves - These are suitable for radiators with underneath connections and pipework that exits the floor.
Corner valves - These valves are suitable for pipework that comes from the wall and radiators with either side or underneath connections.

Do I Need New Valves If I’m Buying A New Radiator?

That depends on if the radiator has the same connections as your current radiator. For example, if your radiator has side connections and the pipework comes from the floor, and you buy a new radiator that also has side connections then you will not need to replace the valves.

You will only need to replace your valves if the radiator has different connections. However, we do recommend replacing your radiator valves if they are old or don’t match your new radiator.

Are There Any Radiator Valves On Sale?

We have a fantastic selection of discounted radiator valves all with premium quality materials. From modern radiator valves to traditional valve designs, at Designer Radiators Direct you’ll find a valve to match your radiator at a budget-friendly price. See our full range of valves and accessories on our sales page.

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