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If you’re looking for design-focused, unique and timeless radiator designs, Zehnder is the company for you. Well-known in the industry for the quality of their work, the creativity of their unique designs and award-winning approach to heating, there’s a reason that hundreds of customers choose our Zehnder radiators for their home every single year.

With over 90 years of experience in the heating industry, Zehnder is by no means a newcomer to the field. They have a reputation for creating high-quality designs that stand the test of time and look elegant and on-point in a variety of homes. From Victorian properties to new-build homes, spacious properties to smaller flats and apartments, Zehnder carries something to suit just about any space – and they do it in style.

With designs for both residential properties and commercial building, Zehnder’s tagline of ‘always the best climate’ ensures every property that uses Zehnder design radiators are heated to the perfect degree. Energy efficiency is one of the key goals of the brand, something that shows in their choice of design and the quality of their solutions. A warm home or property, without the high energy bill that less efficient radiators could result in.

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As recent winners of the BKU Awards Best Heating Brand title for 2020, Zehnder is also highly regarded in the industry. Thanks to the independence of their designs and long-standing nature of some of their top models, Zehnder is a household name for many bathrooms and kitchen showrooms across the UK – adding its own flair to improve the visual appeal of a room while also providing practical climate management.

While initially a motorcycle production brand, Zehnder quickly discovered their talent and flair for radiator manufacturing – resulting in the market-leading company you see today. With a focus on modern and state-of-the-art technology, as well as legacy products, Zehnder is a company that is committed to exceptional quality as well as environmentally conscious manufacturing and supply. With radiators created from easily recyclable steel and aluminium, every product is designed to look great and be less damaging following use.

Alongside designer and high-quality radiators, Zehnder is also an expert in other areas of climate control, from complete heating and cooling solutions to fresh and clean air products. While radiators are the primary product the brand is known for, their commitment to creating an excellent climate for their customers means they offer the complete solution on top.

For both new builds and renovations, Zehnder radiators are an excellent choice. With endless style, unique designs and quality of construction, this brand has a radiator suitable for just about every homeowner that will stand the test of time.

When choosing a Zehnder radiator, it's important that you know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.

Zehnder is a brand with plenty of pedigree, in part thanks to many decades of experience creating elegant, attractive, and cost-effective radiators. But the brand didn’t start in the climate market. Jakob Zehnder, the founder of Zehnder, initially created the company as a workshop for all manner of mechanical products, from typewriters to sewing machines and washing machines in Gränichen, Switzerland. In 1923, this was expanded to include the development of light motorcycles on top.

It wasn’t until 1930 that Zehnder started on the path it has continued today through the development of the Zehnder Charleston. A modern, tubular-style radiator designed to be cost-efficient and visually striking. In 1980, Zehnder merged with famous radiator brand Beutler, leading to the development of Zehnder Universal – the first even dual-purpose radiator designed to hang towels. Following their continued success, 1984 saw the development of more aesthetics-focused designs, including the Zehnder Art Deco and Sculptur.

With an incredible 100 years of experience behind them, the 2010s saw Zehnder expanding in significant ways, with the introduction of the Zehnder Retail Division with new and exciting products, as well as the Zehnder Customer Experience Centre in 2016, providing a unique showroom of Zehnder’s wide range of products. The London Zehnder Experience Specification Centre, unveiled in 2018, continued in this vein, offering a learning space to show the benefit of the climate that Zehnder products can provide.

As a brand with decades of innovation and history, Zehnder is well-known as a trustworthy and reliable brand in the industry – as well as for the quality of their often unique and instantly recognisable designs.

For many, Zehnder is the ideal choice of radiator because of the style, flair and creative design that the brand focuses on. Rather than fading into the background, radiators from Zehnder are often a focal point all of their own. With visually striking designs and a focus on sculpture and modernised appearances, Zehnder was years ahead of its time with the development of their exciting and timeless radiators – and continue to be pioneers in the industry today. If you want a unique and aesthetic radiator, then Zehnder is the company to pick.

Of course, looks aren’t everything. While Zehnder radiators do look great, they’re popular for other reasons too. The quality of their design means that each radiator is built to last and can look just as good years after installation as they did during renovations or building works. Because of their classic design and long-term reliability, Zehnder radiators are an investment that can potentially outlive cheaper, less high-quality radiators you can find elsewhere. That quality of design is a huge plus point for many potential buyers.

Finally, energy efficiency and sustainability is key to the Zehnder message. All radiators are designed from mostly recycled materials and are designed to be cost-effective when it comes to your heating bills. If you’re concerned about being energy-conscious with your radiator purchase, Zehnder’s focus may make them an excellent choice for your heating needs.

Zehnder’s top 3 highest selling radiators

Zehnder Charleston

Zehnder’s oldest and most classic design is still going strong. A tubular-style radiator available across a range of sizes, shapes and distinctive colours, the Charleston continues to top the list for many homeowners looking for a statement radiator that isn’t too over the top. With excellent heating capacity for even larger homes, the Charleston is as adaptive as it is stylish – making it a versatile solution for just about any property, and easy to clean as well.

Zehnder Quaro Spa

Explicitly designed for bathroom spaces, where you can hang towels directly from the tubes to provide an additional layer of luxury, the Zehnder Quaro Spa is a sleek and stylish model. This particular radiator fits seamlessly into any modern bathroom and comes in a vast range of colours and finishes to suit your specific needs. Deceptively simple but with excellent heating properties and low energy consumption, this model works for bathrooms of all sizes and has an attractive floating appearance thanks to discrete bracket placement.

Zehnder Roda

The space-saving and incredibly modern Zehnder Roda proves that the brand is still number one when it comes to aesthetic, on-point style radiators. Designed to be as slimline as possible to save space, and with a range of sizes to fit anywhere, the Roda is effortlessly modern with a flatter design and a range of colours and finishes to pick from. There’s even the option for hooks and towels rails to further add to its practical nature. This model works for rooms of all sizes, from compact spaces to open-plan living, making it an ideal model to use throughout the whole home.