Straight Radiator Valves

Straight radiator valves essentially allow the water to pass from the central heating into the radiator in a straight flow rather than sending it around a curve or other type of angle. The shape of the valve you need will depend on the location of the valve inlets. You’ll need straight valves if your valve inlets are at the bottom of the radiator and the pipework is through the floor rather than through the wall. Angled valves will be most suitable if the pipework is through the wall and your valve inlets are on the side or bottom.

If you’d like to learn more about straight valves and their benefits, please read our blog. Radiator valves are a key component of our heating units and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Straight Radiator Valves at Just Radiators

We have over 100 straight radiator valves within our range. This includes both manual and thermostatic radiator valves to suit your heating needs. Furthermore, we have some excellent designs and elegant finishes available in our range. We are sure we’ll have something perfect to complement your radiator and space.

If you are struggling to find a perfect valve, check out the rest of our radiator valves. We have over 600 on offer for you to choose from. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our range or services, please contact us today. Our award winning customer service team is always on hand to assist you in any way they can.