Traditional Electric Radiators

Love the look of a traditional radiator but want to combine it with modern functionalities? Then an electric traditional radiator is for you, these electric radiators still have the Victorian look yet are powered by electricity and include useful energy saving features to provide you with efficient heating that's perfect for traditional interiors.

Blend Modern Heat Functions and Ornate Designs With Electric Traditional Radiators.

Our electric traditional radiators produce exceptional heat outputs while providing you with energy-saving functions, so you know you're able to heat your room efficiently. These electric radiators work a little differently to central heating radiators, rather than providing warmth through your boiler, you instead plug these electric traditional radiators into your power socket for rapid heating effort free. The difference with these electric radiators is that they use an electric heating element, which depending on the element chosen, can come with timer modes, boost modes and can be controlled through Wi-Fi for precise heating when you need it. So you no longer have to compromise on style or function, these traditional electric radiators provide the classical look you love with highly flexible and optimised heat outputs.

When purchasing any radiator (including electric radiators) it is important to know the heat output your room requires. You can use our free BTU/WATT calculator to work out the output your room needs so you can find the perfect radiator to effectively heat your space.

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We have a wide range of radiators available but if you are looking for a radiator to fit your budget we highly recommend you see our sales page. We have a great choice to choose from including column radiators, towel radiators and coloured radiators.

If you have any questions regarding any of our radiators, products or services please contact us today. We have an award-winning customer service team that's on hand to help you find your perfect radiator.

Traditional Electric Radiator Popular Questions

What Is An Electric Radiator?

An electric radiator rather than being connected to your pipework which is connected to your boiler are instead connected straight to a plug socket. This means that electric radiators heat up quicker than central heating radiators as you don’t have to wait for the water to travel to your radiator to heat it up.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Radiators?

Electric radiators come with a range of benefits which include;
Individual heating - Electric radiators are connected to your central heating system, which means you can use it separately if you just want that one radiator on.
Flexible Heating Options - Electric radiators need an electric heating element connected to them, one benefit of this is that many of our electric heating elements feature various heat settings for precise control. This includes timer modes, boost modes and many come with either a remote control or can be controlled via Wi-Fi through an app on your mobile phone or tablet.

What Are Traditional Radiator Designs?

Traditional radiators are typically column radiators and are available in a range of size and coloured finishes. Many of our Victorian style radiators have a cast iron material or are embossed for a more vintage appearance. Though we do have a wide range of traditional radiators in other materials if cast iron isn’t what you are looking for. If you are looking for a Victorian styled radiator take a look at our full range of central heating traditional radiators.

What Size Radiator Will I Need?

The radiator size you need will depend on the room you are looking to heat. All rooms are different in size and uses, if you need to know the BTU your room requires we highly recommend you use our BTU/WATT calculator. All you need to do is input some information and our calculator will work out the rest for you and recommend radiators best suited for your heating needs.

What Other Electric Radiator Designs Are Available?

At Just Radiators we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of electric radiator designs. Some of our designs include designer electric radiators for a modern interior and RAL coloured electric radiators to give your property a personal touch. Take a look at our full range of electric radiators if you can't see a design you love here.

Are Electric Towel Radiators Available At Just Radiators?

We have a great selection of electric towel radiators to choose from if you are looking to heat your bathroom or kitchen. These electric towel radiators feature high heat outputs and are great for use in winter and summer. If you would like help in deciding if an electric or central heating radiator is right for you please see our useful guide.

What If I Want Central Heating And Electric Functions In A Radiator?

If you are looking for a towel radiator that can be powered by both central heating and electricity then you’ll love our dual-fuel towel radiators. These dual fuel towel rails have flexible heating and can be changed from central heating or electric easily to help you lower your heating costs. So if you decide in summer you want the heated towel rail to be heated via electricity it’s a very simple switch. To learn more about dual fuel towel radiators and their benefits see our informative guide. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with their benefits.