Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Radiators are extremely hot to touch! I mean, that much is obvious. It is imperative for us to ensure that the potentially vulnerable and safety conscious individuals are safe, so, our Low Surface Temperature radiators adhere to the NHS safe surface guidelines of 43ºC. Most radiators operate at 80ºC on the surface, which is enough to burn skin on contact!

All of our Low Surface Temperature radiators come in safe-to-touch cases with lots of ventilation, which means it is out of reach and the surface of the casing is cooler to touch. Don’t be of the mindset that just because they’re cooler to touch, they aren’t highly efficient at heating your room. You couldn’t be more wrong! Our range are some of the most effective on the market today.

So how do they work? Well, they are the same as regular radiators, however, they have cold air circulating around the radiator surface. This allows for the surface to be cooler to touch. As well as this, they have double convector fins to promote the radiation of warm air around the radiator, rather than the surface. Your room still heats up as it would with a normal radiator.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators at Just Radiators with the best prices and free UK delivery

Here at Just Radiators, we stock a small amount of Low Surface Temperature radiators, in White or RAL Colour finishes, with a large range of sizes.

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When choosing a new radiator, it's important that you know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.