Kartell Radiators

Kartell radiators bring masterclass manufacturing with an innovative approach to production using the latest technologies, and service with creative thinking and a fresh approach. Kartell has become one of the biggest suppliers of radiators in the UK, Irish and French heating markets. This isn’t a surprise though from the range of towel rails, compact radiators and column radiators. They have no problem showcasing their exceptional products.

Often abbreviated as K-Rad, Kartell Radiators have been disruptive in the HVAC industry since their conception in 2008… We guess you could say they’ve been heating up in popularity due to their commitment to quality and the continuous development of their products.

Kartell Radiators operate out of Bedford & Wigan creating a strong arm in the United Kingdom for a modern heating company to bring affordable, high-quality radiators to market.

Kartell Radiators and the rest of the K-Rad team have the following vision:

  • To be a leader in the HVAC Industry.
  • To create a positive impact on society and the environment.
  • To go above and beyond for the customer by always developing.
  • Finding innovative and unique heating solutions.

Before settling on a Kartell Radiator please look at our BTU Calculator to work out accurately the heat output required for your room/house/renovation project.

With Kartell you can find a bathroom radiator to suit your home or any of their range to fit inside your living space.