Arroll Radiators

We pride ourselves on stocking innovative designer radiators to add a special touch to your home, and Arroll are experts in traditionally styled radiators with modern adjustments to make the most efficient heat output.

Arroll radiators look perfect in period homes, or as a period character piece in a modern setting. For over 15 years, Arroll has been researching classic radiator designs to recreate the style for current homeowners who are looking for a touch of nostalgia. The radiators in this range take inspiration from the late 1800s and early 1900s, with Edwardian, Neo-Classic, Victorian and Art Deco features. Some have intricate detailing like beautiful, embossed scrolling to add a decadent feel, reminiscent of the roaring 20s and French decorative style. Certain radiators draw inspiration from the mould of an original Ideal Standard Radiator from the National Radiator company for added authenticity.

To perfect the look, Arroll provides a range of finishes for your new radiator that will enhance a rustic aesthetic. You can choose from matt anthracite, classic white, a full range of RAL colours and aged, polished finishes. It is completely up to you whether you make your radiator the stand out feature of your room, or whether you blend it with your existing decor. You can shop from a range of valves and accessories separately to match with the radiator and complete the vintage look.

There is a range of slimline designs that are perfect for rooms where you are short on space. While they are compact, they also provide excellent heat output being made from cast iron or aluminium. This is a great solution for hallways, small bedrooms and bathrooms.

There is something for everyone in Arroll’s radiator range. The radiators range in price to suit different budgets. This means there are affordable, stylish radiators available for everyone. No matter the price point of the radiator you pick, it is guaranteed to be a high-quality investment. Every radiator in the range comes with a 10-year guarantee. This proves it will stand the test of time and ensures you can feel total confidence in your purchase.