At Just Radiators, our wide range of radiators sourced from premium brands has been chosen specially by our dedicated team, with your best interests at heart. We aim to bring you outstanding heat output, beautiful aesthetics and exceptional functionality, allowing you to instantly transform and heat up your space. Explore a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials to find your perfect radiator.

All our beautiful and innovative designer radiators come with free delivery. Some of our selected ranges even offer next-day delivery.

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Our collection of radiators has been designed with optimal heat distribution in mind. Our range of radiators will keep you warm and toasty even in the coldest of months. However, we also understand radiators need to enhance your aesthetics as well as being highly functional. We are very proud of our broad range of designs. From sleek contemporary radiators to classic and traditional styles. Enhance your space with our range of radiators.

With such a huge range, it can be tricky to finalise your decision. We have created a guide to help you decide which type of radiator is right for you. Furthermore, to make sure you choose a radiator that will efficiently heat your space, we have created a free BTU calculator. All you have to do is enter the information and view the radiators best suited to heat your space.

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If you’re struggling to find your ideal radiator, don’t worry! We recommend taking a look at our vertical radiators and horizontal radiators to narrow down your search. Also, we offer a plethora of coloured radiators such as black, anthracite radiators and even bespoke painted radiators.

Are you looking for a high-quality radiator at a discounted price? If so, we recommend visiting our radiator sale page. You won’t be disappointed.

If you need assistance or just have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We have an award-winning customer service team that are always around to assist you.

Radiator Popular Questions

Where Is The Best Place To Hang My Radiator?

A lot of people choose to place their radiator near an area of heat loss. Under a window is a popular choice, so that any cold air that enters the room can be met by warm air from the radiator. However, some people think installing radiators away from colder areas of a room is more cost-effective. It’s understandable if there’s a little confusion. We believe you should select a position for your new radiator based on the layout of your room and what suits you best.

Will a Larger Radiator Provide Better Heat Output For a Room?

Not necessarily. As you’re no doubt aware, radiators and towel rails come in all shapes and sizes – slim and tall or short and stumpy; sleek flat-panelled or stylish tubular-based designer radiators and so on – so the size and shape of the radiator model you choose are unlikely to be the defining factor in it providing more, less or certainly better or worse heat output for a room.

How Can I Order a Radiator?

Call us on 01772 346933 or visit our showroom to talk to one of our members of staff. Our experts will discuss your requirements to ensure you are ordering the right equipment for your needs. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] or contact us right away.

Do I Need To Order Anything Other Than a Radiator?

Your radiator will come with all the necessary fixings including brackets & air vents but because we offer a large range of radiator valves and accessories, these are sold separately.

Our radiators and accessories are often unique to you and we feel that selling the radiator valves separately opens up so many more choices to complement and enhance your radiators.

Do Designer Radiators Give Enough Heat?

Designer radiators come in a very broad range of shapes, sizes and finishes. They are obviously amazing for adding a touch of style to your room but can also be adaptable to suit different spaces in a way that standard panel radiators can’t. But however great they look, sometimes they won’t offer the same heating performance as a standard radiator.

That doesn’t need to be a problem, though. Provided you know how much output you need to heat your room properly, you can work out which are the best radiators for heat output, which will not only look great but also do the job of getting your room nice and toasty.