There are lots of benefits to underfloor heating such as how easy it is to run, its efficiency, its space-freeing qualities and being a safe solution to keep a property warm.

Whether you have long been using underfloor heating as a method to heat your property, or are only recently beginning to install it, our range of underfloor heating accessories will equip you with everything you need to effectively install your insulation.

Electricians and installers

Whether you are self-employed, work as part of a company or are a subcontractor, you will likely be familiar with installing underfloor heating. At Just Radiators, our range of underfloor heating accessories is extensive and we want to be able to provide electricians and installers with all the tools and utensils they need to complete a reliable and immaculate job for clients.

You can find items like ThermoSphere RCD Fused Spur, conduits and sensor probes, connection kits and back box kits and other components to help perfect your underfloor heating installations.


Our selection of underfloor heating accessories will help you get the best out of your living space, with affordable, cost-saving and efficient heating solutions for your home. You will find items that will assist you in effectively heating your home and will last many years to come.

Accessories such as ThermoSphere Programmable Thermostat and ThermoSphere Smart Home Thermostat provide easy and manageable ways to manage your underfloor heating. At Just Radiators, we also have a range of insulation boards for homeowners if you are DIY'ing your underfloor heating insulation.

Trusted suppliers

At Just Radiators, we use trusted suppliers ThermoSphere. Through considerate design, ThermoSphere executes safe and expertly manufactured products that assist homeowners and installers in creating underfloor heating systems that don't disappoint.

Browse our collection of reliable and high-quality underfloor heating accessories today.