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Paladin Colours

Striking Paints for Cast Iron Radiators

Based on a range of metals the Paladin Colour palette is created to give you a truly classic look, using any one of the 10 unique Paladin Colours is popular way to achieve the look you want. Cast iron radiators do lend themselves to darker colours with the Natural Cast and Old Pewter finishes being amongst our most popular choices. The Copper and Gold’s are also fine colour choices if you require rich and handsome colours to compliment your colour scheme. Whatever colour you choose the Paladin Colours have been carefully chosen and custom mixed just for Paladin they are hard wearing and washable and add a stunning metallic look to your cast iron radiators.

Our standard finish is Eggshell but we can also offer the whole range of finishes from a matt to full gloss on request.

Anthracite Black

Natural Cast

Old Pewter


Old Penny


Aged Gold

Bright Gold

Sovereign Gold


Colour Matching

Choose a great custom finish for your cast iron radiators

If you are looking for something different we are happy to offer our Colour Matching service where we have the facility to match almost every colour available. This includes the ever popular RAL colour ranges as well as BS colours or, if you have details of the colour you require, we can match it as closely as possible you can also send us your colour swatches. The standard finish is an Eggshell but if you want a Full Gloss, Satin or even a Matt finish just let us know.

Farrow & Ball

For a complete list of Farrow & Ball paint colours, please see:

Paladin is proud to be an official partner and supplier of Farrow & Ball paints. Their stunning range of quality paints are a perfect match for any heritage property. They add a classic high quality finish to your radiator that perfectly complements almost any interior. Choose any colour from their extensive range for a long lasting superlative finish.

Historical and authentic period paint colours to add grace and style to any room

The Farrow & Ball colour range is a fine choice for creating an authentic and historically correct finish for your cast iron radiator. Express yourself through the graceful, stylish and historic colour palette on offer.

Paint Effects

Choose a great custom finish for your cast iron radiators

Paladin Radiators have many years of experience in painting cast iron radiators. Our Paint Effects service gives you a wide range of distinctive finishes to help make your own unique statement. Our exciting Paint Effects are a perfect choice when something more interesting is required. For over two decades now Paladin has produced these stunning finishes to enhance the look of your cast iron radiators.

Antiqued Paint Effect

Step back in time with our antique finish paint effects

Why not enhance the delightful raised features of your ornate cast iron radiators with an Antiqued Paint Effect. Using a contrasting antiquing wash the details are given an authentic aged look picking out the details to transform your radiator into a real work of art.

Matchstick / Buff

Buff / Dauphin

London Stone / All White




Bright Gold


Aged Gold

Old Penny

Old Pewter

Natural Cast

Highlight Paint Effect

Unique hand-painted highlights to create drama and eye-catching centrepieces in any room

The Highlight Paint Effect is a totally unique artisan effect that brings the detail of your radiators to life. Paladin have perfected this magnificent effect over the years to create stunning and individual cast iron radiators that become a fantastic eye catching centre piece in any room.

For a truly dramatic and atmospheric result choose our Highlight Paint Effects where the beautiful moulded detail of every ornate cast iron radiator is guild paste highlighted by hand on top of the contrasting base colour in a choice of rich gold, striking pewter or warm copper.

Anthracite / Copper

Natural Cast / Copper

Old Pewter / Copper

Old Penny / Copper

Antiqued Copper / Copper

Aged Gold / Copper

James White / Copper

Anthracite / Gold

Natural Cast / Gold

Old Pewter / Gold

Old Penny / Gold

Antiqued Copper / Gold

Aged Gold / Gold

James White / Gold

Anthracite / Pewter

Natural Cast / Pewter

Old Pewter / Pewter

Old Penny / Pewter

Antiqued Copper / Pewter

Aged Gold / Pewter

James White / Pewter

Premium Lacquer

Now, this is interesting, firstly we prepare and polish the radiator then it is coated with an opaque tinted lacquer that gives deep lustre that still shows the cast iron detail below. Premium Lacquers are available in a wide range of on trend colours for that more contemporary feel.


Candy Apple


Carbon Smoke

Rosie's Blushes

Arctic Blue

Hand Polishing

Polished perfection, the ultimate finish

Polishing offers what can only be described as one of the best finishes you can buy. Hours of work go in to each section to create an amazing handsome finish that you will always be proud of. Using traditional methods, our skilled polishers work each section of your cast iron radiator to accentuate its beautiful unique detail. There are several levels of finishing to choose from:

Industrial: Our industrial look was created to show the best of raw cast iron, firstly we smooth the surfaces then we capture some of the natural patinas under a coat of clear lacquer. A truly inspiring ‘Manhattan loft’ look for interiors where original unadulterated design comes first.

Burnished: This creates a slightly aged look that works well as a muted but high quality finish that shows off the radiator without being overpowering.

Polished: This is the most popular and a traditional method of finishing that brings out the very best in your radiator giving an impressive shine that will enhance any interior.

Mirror: Building further on the traditional Polished finish Mirror finishing brings your polished radiators surface up to the best and brightest possible finish available. It certainly makes a stunning impression.

Our usual polishing method allows for blacking of the lower area of the radiator that is against the wall, you can however order the Full polish option if it is going to be seen from all sides.



Hand Polished

Mirror Polished