Zehnder Colours & Finishes

Colours with an asterisk (*) have a glossy finish, all others are matt.


Clear, analytical, puristic: The colours in the Architectural category are defined by their modern, urban objectivity. True to Mies van der Rohe’s maxim that "less is more", this pallete of colour is characterised by its poised reservation, giving precedence to the design


Fresh, dynamic, expressive: Tonic stands for the more intense shades in the colour scheme. This category caters to living environments shaped by their boldness and confidence. Vibrant and striking, these colours create an inviting, lively atmosphere.


Warm, simple and connected to nature: The range of colours in the Natural category are gentle, natural shades which give radiators and interiors a peaceful and calming touch. Ideal in the design of bathrooms and living rooms to provide an overall feeling of comfort.

Standard & Surfaces

The range of colours in the standard and surfaces finishes are all glossy finishes, where as all others are matt finishes. These finishes are made to make a statement and can blend themselves easily into any room. Consisting of metals such as copper, silver or bare metal they are great for any interior project.

* These colours have a glossy finish, all others are matt.

Some colours/surfaces are only available for selected products. RAL and NCS are markings of the manufacturer. Despite the utmost care in producing this colour chart and in the painting of our radiators, slight deviations in colour are possible depending on the production series and the surface that is painted on (ceramic, paper, metal …).Please note, despite every care small colour variations may occur.

We strongly recommend requesting a colour card to be sent to you to enable you to choose the colour accurately.