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Cloakroom Radiators

Cloakrooms are often limited for space, but that doesn’t mean you have to be limited for choice. So, we have specially chosen radiators that can maximise your space whilst bringing you exceptional heat outputs and beautiful aesthetics to transform your room.

All of our cloakroom radiators come with a quality guarantee. This varies from model to model but should protect your purchase for a minimum of 5 years. Our radiators are really put through their paces, so it's great to know that the one you choose will be made to last.

Do you need a small cloakroom radiator that heats a space effectively, or space to dry damp laundry with a small heated towel rail for cloakroom toilets? In all sorts of colours and both modern and traditional styles, you'll have no trouble finding the radiator that perfectly meets your needs.

The perfect cloakroom towel radiator could be a tall one that takes up very little horizontal wall space. But, with lots of rails and pipes, it could keep your towels warm and dry. Or, choose a horizontal one that helps the heat to spread everywhere. If you're really short on space, tiny cloakroom radiators can do the job without ever getting in the way. Very small cloakroom radiators include traditional cast iron radiators for that classic look, and modern chrome wall radiators that could easily be mistaken for artwork, so you never need to feel that a cloakroom radiator is taking command of the room.

With a wide range of radiators from Horizontal to Vertical, Cast Iron to Compact, we are dedicated to making choosing a radiator the best experience. Whether you want a radiator to match seamlessly with your living room, or make an eye-catching statement, at Just Radiators we are sure you can find the perfect radiator for your home.

Cheap Cloakroom Radiators Online at Just Radiators with best prices and free UK delivery

Stocking brands you can trust, with a huge variety of cloakroom radiators to suit your tastes and preferences, it couldn't be easier to heat your cloakroom space. Enjoy snug warm towels, and a cosy cloakroom, with a radiator you can be proud of.

If you have any questions regarding any of our cloakroom radiators please contact our team today!!

  1. Bi-Finish (Brushed/ Polished) 2 items
  2. Antique Bronze Polished 29 items
  3. Gold Polished 30 items
  4. Black Satin 30 items
  5. Bronze Satin 32 items
  6. Antique Bronze Satin 29 items
  7. Black Polished 29 items
  8. Bronze Polished 29 items
  9. Matt Anodised 2 items
  10. Gold 4 items
  11. Black Mild Steel 1 item
  12. Textured Latte 6 items
  13. Textured Black 25 items
  14. Polished Aluminium 2 items
  15. Matt Aluminium 2 items
  16. Special Finishes 2 items
  17. Gold Satin 30 items
  18. Polished Gold 14 items
  19. Textured White 37 items
  20. Brushed Stainless Steel 129 items
  21. Blue 6 items
  22. Concrete 5 items
  23. Grey 36 items
  24. Anthracite 54 items
  25. Primer Only 25 items
  26. Standard Colour 7 items
  27. Varnish 6 items
  28. Antique Brass 14 items
  29. RAL Colour 93 items
  30. White/Copper 1 item
  31. Matt Black 7 items
  32. Polished Brass 20 items
  33. Polished Nickel 14 items
  34. Brushed Nickel 15 items
  35. Polished Anodised 19 items
  36. Chrome / White 4 items
  37. White 137 items
  38. Chrome 117 items
  39. Black 11 items
  40. Matt White Aluminium 2 items
  41. Burnishing 19 items
  42. Bronze 7 items
  43. Brushed 7 items
  44. Quartz 4 items
  45. Multicoloured Glass 1 item
  46. White and Black 1 item
  47. Anthracite (Double) 1 item
  48. Glass 2 items
  49. Granite 2 items
  50. Farrow 23 items
  51. Metallic 16 items
  52. Heritage 16 items
  53. Antiqued 16 items
  54. Brushed Brass 1 item
  55. Colourmatch 16 items
  56. Highlight 16 items
  57. Mirror 24 items
  58. Aluminium 1 item
  59. Beech 1 item
  60. White / Polished 1 item
  61. Blue Satin 2 items
  62. Infinity Steel 2 items
  63. Brushed & Wooden 1 item
  64. Matt Copper 1 item
  65. Polished 28 items
  66. Textured Anthracite 3 items
  67. Pink 6 items
  68. Grey/ Brown 6 items
  69. Brown 12 items
  70. Wood 25 items
  71. Orange 6 items
  72. Matt White 5 items
  73. Rusty 6 items
  74. Polished Stainless Steel 107 items
  75. Gunmetal/ Bronze 2 items
  76. Non Standard RAL 2 items
  77. Green 7 items

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  1. DQ Metro Towel Radiator
    Price from £53.00 inc. VAT and Delivery

Items 1-24 of 619

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