Vertical Radiators

If you’re looking for the highest quality premium selection of vertical radiators at affordable prices, then look no further than Just Radiators. We have an extensive collection of vertical radiators and towel rails in a plethora of sizes, finishes, designs, colours and styles, which will complement any modern and contemporary home brilliantly.

Vertical radiators are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many households across the UK, and this is because they offer several benefits to interior design and energy efficiency. Homeowners, architects and interior designers are all opting for vertical radiators, so when you choose to invest in a vertical radiator you will be in good company.

Versatile Heating Solutions with Tall Radiators

Vertical radiators are incredibly versatile, suiting a wide range of rooms, spaces and layouts. Those with limited wall space will benefit from the tall and narrow vertical design as it frees up more space in a room and allows you to use the rest of your wall space however you like. Many properties have large windows, which can limit where traditional radiators will fit. However, vertical radiators will fit into the space in between or on either side of your windows.

Our range of vertical radiators has been handpicked by our specialists with careful consideration to quality performance, unique designs and space-saving properties. The value of floor space in modern and contemporary UK homes is continuously increasing. It is important for us at Just Radiators to meet these demands by providing space-saving stylish alternatives to the conventional horizontal radiator. Our vertical radiators make use of your tall wall space in rooms where space is limited.

Vertical Radiators, Low Prices and Free UK Delivery

You needn’t worry about your vertical radiator not radiating heat as efficiently at the top, as they work in the same way as standard horizontal radiator designs do! They use water pressure to ensure that even the highest point of the radiator will be just as toasty as the bottom. Vertical radiators don’t cut corners when it comes to BTU output, just like our range of designer radiators.

When choosing a new radiator, you must know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.

We have vertical radiators in stock in our warehouse ready for next-day delivery or collection from our Preston warehouse! Check out our radiators on sale.

If you have any questions regarding any of our vertical radiators, please contact our team today!

Vertical Radiator Popular Questions

What Are the Benefits of Vertical Radiators?

  • Space Saving - Vertical radiators are ideal for rooms with limited wall space, as they can be installed in narrow areas or alongside windows and doors.
  • Stylish Designs - Vertical radiators come in a variety of designs, finishes, and colours, allowing you to choose a radiator that complements your interior décor. No matter if you’re looking for a modern or traditional vertical radiator, we have a huge range of designs for you.
  • Efficient Heating - Vertical radiators can often provide better heat distribution compared to traditional radiators. They boast high and efficient heat outputs. Some vertical radiators feature energy-saving features.

Which Vertical Radiator Should I Choose?

With their tall and lean design, vertical radiators have the potential to create an eye-catching and bold focal point in any room – to turn the heads of your family and friends – or to just blend in with the current design of your room. Whatever your goal and taste, we have the perfect option for you. Our range of vertical radiators features unique designs from premium brands that transform a practical room feature into a decorative piece of art. Check out our guide to see our top picks for Vertical Radiators.

Are Vertical Radiators Efficient?

A common concern amongst homeowners is if vertical radiators work as well as horizontal radiators. This is largely due to the misconception that vertical radiators may cause heat to rise to the ceiling, making them less efficient. However, science has proven that this is simply not true, and a 5000 BTU vertical radiator will work just as efficiently and effectively as a 5000 BTU horizontal radiator.

Vertical radiators are fully capable of heating a room just as well as a horizontal radiator, making them a fantastic choice for heating your home. Some of the most efficient options are vertical aluminium radiators, as aluminium will allow you to heat a room fully without wasting much energy.

Can I Put A Vertical Radiator Behind A Door?

Some floor plans and layouts may mean that your only option is to place a radiator behind a door. Due to the way radiators work, circulating heat around the room with convection, positioning a radiator behind a door should not stop the radiator from heating a room efficiently.

Vertical radiators are a great choice for spaces that will require a radiator to be placed behind a door, as their tall and narrow design will fit into a small space and look the neatest when the door is open. When considering a vertical radiator to go behind a door, it is important to make sure that there will be enough space to open the door once the radiator is installed. This will also ensure that you do not dent or damage your new radiator when opening and closing the door – especially if you have children running around!

Can Vertical Radiators Be Horizontal?

There are some situations where you may be dealing with limited space or a complicated layout and may want to install vertical radiators horizontally. The main question is whether the radiator will work as well when hung horizontally... This will depend on the style of radiator you choose, as horizontal use may lead to problems with the convection or there may be problems mounting it. If this is something you are considering when choosing the right radiator for you, speak to our experts on our advice line who are always happy to help.

Tall radiators or upright radiators are usually best used in the way they have been designed, which is to be vertical. If your space suits a horizontal design but you like the sleek look of vertical radiators, you may be better off looking at our selection of horizontal designer radiators.

Do Vertical Radiators Come with A Warranty?

We strive to provide a service that puts the customer first, offering a huge range of radiators in all sorts of designs, colours, materials and sizes to suit every household. Our vertical radiators UK suppliers all offer a warranty that gives each customer peace of mind in their investment. Our warranties vary for each radiator model, but they range from 5 years to 10 or even 25 years. If you’d like assistance with this, please contact us.