Dual-Fuel Towel Radiators

Introducing our efficient range of dual fuel towel radiators. Upgrade your towel experience with these innovative towel radiators. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose where your heat comes from. Select between electric or the central heating system for your source of heat. Heating your towels has never been so flexible.

Efficient Heat for Your Towels All Year Long with Dual Fuel Towel Radiators

Choosing dual-fuel towel radiators means you don’t have to depend on your central heating system for warm towels. The electric heating element in our dual fuel towel radiators allows you to independently heat your towels without the need to turn on the entire central heating system. This helps save big on your energy bills whilst creating a cosy environment.

We have a huge range of designs, sizes and finishes for you to choose from. Our selection of dual-fuel towel radiators masterfully combines elegance and functionality. There are designs to suit both modern and traditional environments. Choose from a range of finishes to compliment your space’s décor. Enjoy cosy towels and add a new feature piece for your space.

Before picking out your perfect dual fuel towel radiators, it’s very important to know what the optimal BTU output is for your specific space. To work this out, take advantage of our very own free BTU calculator. This will help you choose a radiator that will provide ample heat for your room.

Explore Our Huge Selection of Towel Radiators

If you’re struggling to find what you’re searching for, we highly recommend having a look at our full range of towel radiators and electric towel radiators.

Do you have some questions for radiator experts? If so, please contact us right away. We have an award-winning customer service team that is always happy to help. We’ll help you find your perfect radiators today.

Dual Fuel Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Is a Dual Fuel Towel Radiator?

A dual fuel towel radiator features an electric heating element as well as connections to your central heating system. This allows you to use the towel radiator as an independent electric heater or connected to the rest of your central heating system. People opt for electric power sources during those hot summer months when you may want to enjoy hot towels without turning on the entire central heating system. If you'd like to learn more, please check out our detailed guide.

Where Can I Use a Dual Fuel Towel Radiator?

Although dual-fuel towel radiators are commonly used in bathrooms, they are not limited to this space. They are handy wherever you may want to benefit from dry and cosy towels. This includes spaces like kitchens and utility rooms.

Do They Come with A Warranty?

Yes, all of our radiators come with a warranty. However, the length of the warranty very much depends on the brand you choose. Each brand offers a different length of warranty, make sure you double-check this information before making a purchase. If you need some assistance with this, please contact us right away.