Eucotherm has been a go-to manufacturer of horizontal & vertical radiators, towel radiators and designer radiators for over 20 years. They have reached excellence in their engineering behind their high-quality design and industry-leading product development.

Are Eucotherm Radiators Any Good?

This assurance to quality is what we love about Eucotherm at Just Radiators, seeing the level of excellence that they have achieved over the last two decades is something to admire.

Eurotherm specialises in infrared radiators (which makes use of infrared FAR technology) which has been proven to help the body remove toxins, reduce tension along with stress and can also boost the immune system. Due to the infrared technology in these radiators, these are by far some of the slimmest radiators that we have seen on the market. Another massive benefit about their infrared radiators is that most of them can be connected to any plug socket or on a dedicated circuit, making installation a breeze and meaning it can be used with a thermostat and timer to reach the optimal temperature within your home. Before you choose a new eurotherm radiator it's best to know what temperature the room needs to get to and other factors. Check out our handy BTU Calculator to accurately work this out.

Another one of Eucotherm Radiators specialities is their large collection of Eucotherm bespoke colour and special paint finishes, offering a way to personalise your radiator to match your décor. Create a unique radiator and add eucotherm accessories to give your radiator a complete look. The Eucotherm company mission is to provide a great radiator solution for every type of space and with their great design and more than capable heat outputs, they have done exactly that.