Underfloor Heating

At Just Radiators, we have everything you need for a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient underfloor heating system. Our wide range of options includes floor sensor probes, electric underfloor heating foil, insulation boards, thermostats and more. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent plumbing and heating products at affordable prices, allowing you to create an underfloor heating system that meets your exact requirements.

We're proud to be the chosen supplier for a number of leading industry professionals, and we also offer trade accounts with impressive benefits for companies and sole traders. At Just Radiators, we believe in quality products that won't let you down, and our energy-efficient underfloor heating systems can provide the ideal heating solution for any home. Our quality product range includes flexible conduit, primer, heating mats and connection kits available in a range of sizes. We also have waterproofing tape, waterproofing paste and tile adhesive for bathroom underfloor heating systems.

Each home is different, and that's why at Just Radiators, we supply everything you need for a completely bespoke solution. Whether you have an underfloor heating system you want to extend to a different room or you want to install a state of the art underfloor heating system in your spa, we've got the very best solution at a competitive price. We also have premium acoustic insulation mats for underfloor heating systems which offer a sound reduction of 21dB. We're proud to only supply the very finest underfloor heating equipment from industry leaders like Thermosphere, our electric underfloor heating supplier that design and manufacture their systems in the United Kingdom.

Just Radiators can provide a complete underfloor heating system solution, whether you want a state of the art smart home with underfloor heating you can control with your voice, or you simply want to get rid of old, chunky or inefficient radiators.

Underfloor Heating Frequently Asked Questions

While it is not wrong to consider underfloor heating a luxury addition to your home, it is mistaken to believe it is out of your price range. Underfloor heating solutions are incredibly good value and may not set you back as far as that divine designer radiator you’ve had your eye on. Underfloor heating pertains well to the minimalist aesthetic of many modern interiors. It takes away the need to include a radiator and it can actually act as a room’s primary heat source.

Any floor type will work with underfloor heating. However, some flooring materials will work better with underfloor heating than others due to the effectiveness with which they conduct heat. Tile and stone floors are some of the best heat conductors, drawing your underfloor heating right up through them to most effectively reach the soles of your feet. That’s why underfloor heating is so popular in the kitchen and bathroom.Carpet, wood and laminate will then also be available to you when it comes to the best flooring for your unique underfloor heating setup.

Underfloor heating can be controlled by a programmable or manual thermostat. Our range of thermostats with WIFI and smart controls let you control your heating from your phone. These systems are surprisingly easy to get up and give you full control over your home heating no matter where you are.