Mirrored Radiators

Whether you’re looking for a unique design or efficient heating, everyone wants a heating solution that is both functional and that adds a little something more too. Mirrored radiators blend all of the above, making them the perfect and most useful multifunctional piece of interior excellence.

Mirrored radiators can be placed in almost any room, however, they are ideal for rooms with little space and natural light, as they double as a radiator and a mirror; killing two birds with one stone. As well as this, the radiator reflects light, which opens up the room – through the extra brightness – giving it a larger feel.

Our range of mirrored radiators are a perfect choice for any modern home, completing your contemporary interior by introducing an eye-catching designer atmosphere to a room. They emit the same level of heat as any standard radiator, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice practicality for style. No one will even realise that they are radiators, they’ll just think it’s a nice addition to your room! The heat even clears up the steam from the mirror, so you can get ready much quicker.

Mirrored Radiators at Just Radiators with the best prices and free UK delivery

Here at Just Radiators, we stock a wide range of stylish mirrored radiators, available in a large amount of finishes, styles and sizes. They bring practicality and warmth to your home, whether you are after horizontal or vertical, standard or luxury or being able to see the radiator or not.

Strike a pose with our mirrored radiators, which are hugely popular for their aesthetic properties. Whatever your wants and needs, we are sure you’ll find something suitable on our website.

If you have any questions regarding any of our mirrored radiators please contact our team today!!

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