Bathroom Radiators

The bathroom has special requirements and uses in terms of heating compared to other rooms, which is why towel radiators have been specially designed for higher corrosion resistance and to be covered in wet towels! Our range of specially chosen towel radiators are perfect for use in bathrooms with their beautiful aesthetics and outstanding heat outputs, and we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect towel radiator for you.

Your house probably already has an electric or hot water heating system installed, but this doesn't mean you're limited to using this when choosing new bathroom towel rails. If you have central heating, you can choose between either electric or plumbed bathroom towel radiators. Electric radiators or towel rails are an excellent solution if you don't want to extend your existing hot water system because they work with your mains. Just like a plumbed radiator, they're mounted to your wall, but they come prefilled and treated to protect against limescale and corrosion.

Alternatively, you might choose a duel-fuel bathroom radiator, which is plumbed in but has an electric heating element. Like a standard plumbed-in radiator, it will heat up when your central heating system is switched on, but it also gives you the option to use it independently when your central heating is turned off.

Bathroom Radiators with free UK delivery and the best prices

Bathroom Radiators, Heated towel rails and radiators are free UK delivery and the best prices

From the modern to the traditional, and available with many customisation options, you can choose whether you’d like your Towel Radiator to be a subtle addition or an eye-catching feature.

There are stainless steel, matt white, polished and chrome bathroom radiator options on offer, so you're bound to find one that suits your bathroom design perfectly. However, it's not just the colour and finish you have control over; there are vertical and horizontal options too, so you can select your radiators depending on the space you have. For example, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, a vertical towel radiator would free up more floor space for your bath, sink and toilet to be fitted. Alternatively, if you have a large bathroom, a horizontal radiator or towel rail could help you fill the space so it feels less empty.

We also have a selection of towel radiators and electric towel radiators that are available for next day delivery in the UK.

If you have any questions regarding any of our bathroom radiators please contact our team today!!

When choosing a new radiator, it's important that you know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.

Bathroom Radiators FAQs

Stepping out of the bath or shower into a warm towel is one of life's little luxuries. However, while towel radiators will efficiently heat up a small en-suite or downstairs toilet, you will most likely require a second source of heat in a larger bathroom. This doesn't mean that there aren't heated towel radiators on the market that can't do both, but you will need to make sure it is the right size for the space it is required to heat. As a good guideline, if your British Thermal Units (BTU) output is 2500, you'll need two 1250 BTU towel warmers.

As we've pointed out above, you will most likely need a second source of heat if you have a large bathroom. However, while some people will opt for two towel warmers, others may choose to have at least one radiator installed instead. There is no right or wrong option, it all comes down to your personal preferences. For example, if you're wanting to ensure a cohesive finish throughout your entire bathroom, we'd recommend opting for two of the same towel warmers.

For peace of mind, we'd advise having both a radiator and a towel heater installed in your bathroom. This way, you know your towels will be nice and warm and the room will be cosy and inviting. Note: there are a number of ranges which offer both, so if you are concerned they will have a slightly different finish, you will be able to find a towel rail and a radiator in a style and colour to match the rest of your bathroom suite.

As long as they are installed correctly, electric radiators are a practical solution for modern bathrooms. Compared to traditional bathroom radiators that have to be plumbed in, electric radiators are easy and quick to install, and in some cases can provide heat almost instantly. Most importantly, they can be controlled separately from the rest of your heating, so if you're looking for cheap bathroom radiators, they are a worthwhile investment in the long-term. Incredibly energy-efficient, you'll just need to hire a qualified electrician to install them and you'll be experiencing the benefits in no time at all.

At Just Radiators, all our designer bathroom radiators are UK-manufactured, so not only will you benefit from expert craftsmanship and unbeatable quality, but we offer a free nationwide delivery service too. Each of our radiators comes with a quality guarantee (between 5 and 25 years depending on the make and model), and there are always thousands of radiators in stock at any one time. What's more, we won't be beaten on price, so if you find a radiator that we sell is available cheaper from another store, we'll match the quote. To find out more about any of our bathroom or towel radiators, contact us at Just Radiators today on 01772 954749. We're available Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm.

Heating your bathroom isn’t dependent on the visual size of a radiator. It’s dependent on its BTU. In order to find an effective bathroom heating solution, you’ll need to calculate the BTU for that specific room.

It all boils down to personal preference and functionality. You must consider a number of issues, including how many radiators you can comfortably install in your bathroom and where your current plumbing is located.

Vertical radiators are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They maximize wall space so that additional objects like toilets, sinks, furnishings, bathtubs, and showers may be installed. Heated towel rails are vertical radiators with a ladder design. In addition, a towel bar is an optional feature on several of our vertical radiators.