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Anthracite Radiators

Anthracite Radiators are characterised by their rich finish, they offer a bold and contemporary addition to any home space. Our range of designer anthracite radiators offers a selection of affordably priced, modern heaters that add an uplifting contribution to the décor of any home and a good refresh of your central heating system. Each of our specially selected anthracite grey radiators offers exceptional heat output and functionality with a sleek design and finish that's bound to impress.

Find The Perfect Grey Radiator

So, whether you're looking for a tasteful design feature or a subtle addition to your home, explore our range today to find your perfect fit, or call our team with any queries! We stock great radiators such as vertical radiators, grey column radiators, flat panel radiators and a wide range of designer radiators to enhance any home. They are perfect as a traditional radiator or even as a contemporary bathroom radiator. With anthracite vertical designer radiators and anthracite horizontal radiators.

Can't Find What Your Looking For ?

If you can't find what you're looking for we have many different styles on display to connect to your central heating system. From vertical designer radiators, heated towel rails, flat panel radiators and an arrangement of cast iron radiators to take a look at. There is no shortage when choosing a designer radiator, it all depends on personal taste. Check out our sale page for a huge range of discounted radiators. 

When choosing a new designer radiator, it's important that you know what BTU output you need. Use our BTU calculator to accurately work this out.

Once you have chosen your ideal radiator, make sure to check out our radiator valves to complete your new look.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please contact our team today!

Heat Output (BTU's)  
Heat Output (Watts)  
Range Height  
Range Width  
  1. 7016 Anthracite Texture 8 items
  2. Aluminium 4 items
  3. Anodised Aluminium 2 items
  4. Anthracite 98 items
  5. Anthracite - RAL 7016 4 items
  6. Anthracite - RAL 7016 2 items
  7. Anthracite 7016 Matt 2 items
  8. Anthracite Grey 4 items
  9. Anthracite Matt 4 items
  10. Anthracite Texture 8 items
  11. Antique Brass 3 items
  12. Antique Copper 1 item
  13. Antique Gold 4 items
  14. Antiqued Paint Effect 16 items
  15. Bare Metal 1 item
  16. Bare Metal Lacquer 25 items
  17. Beaumont Standard Finish 6 items
  18. Black 9 items
  19. Black - RAL 9004 5 items
  20. Black Nickel Lacquer 10 items
  21. Black Primer 1 item
  22. Black Satin 2 items
  23. Brass Lacquer 10 items
  24. Bright Nickel 1 item
  25. Bronze 4 items
  26. Brushed Aluminium 2 items
  27. Brushed Black 2 items
  28. Brushed Bronze 2 items
  29. Brushed Nickel 1 item
  30. Brushed Stainless Steel 6 items
  31. Burnished 3 items
  32. Champagne 4 items
  33. Chrome 19 items
  34. Colour & Special Paint Finish 18 items
  35. Colour Finish 22 items
  36. Colour Match / RAL 16 items
  37. Copper 5 items
  38. Copper Lacquer 10 items
  39. Cream White 4 items
  40. Crocodile Textured 18 items
  41. Dark Grey Texture 2 items
  42. Dark Old Penny 4 items
  43. Dupont Micrograin Finish 42 items
  44. Etched Brass 2 items
  45. Etched Copper 2 items
  46. Farrow & Ball 27 items
  47. Flame Red 4 items
  48. Galvanised Copper 2 items
  49. Gloss Anodised 18 items
  50. Gloss White - RAL 9016 16 items
  51. Gold 1 item
  52. Graphex 5 items
  53. Grey - RAL 7015 6 items
  54. Grey Aluminium 4 items
  55. Gun Metal 6 items
  56. Hand Burnished 2 items
  57. Highlight Paint Effect 6 items
  58. Lacquered Bare Metal 1 item
  59. Lacquered Highlight Polished 2 items
  60. Lacquered Satin Polished 5 items
  61. Light Grey 4 items
  62. Light Old Penny 4 items
  63. Little Greene 5 items
  64. Marron 4 items
  65. Matt Aluminium 1 item
  66. Matt Anodised 18 items
  67. Matt Black 13 items
  68. Matt Black - RAL 9005 2 items
  69. Matt White 13 items
  70. Matt White - RAL 9016 16 items
  71. Metallic 2 items
  72. Metallic Colour - Compost & Fopp or Maggie 1 item
  73. Metallic Colour - The Fronze 2 items
  74. Mirror 2 items
  75. Natural Cast Iron 4 items
  76. Nickel Look 4 items
  77. Other Anodised 18 items
  78. Other White RAL Colours 18 items
  79. Paladin Colours 16 items
  80. Pearl Bronze 5 items
  81. Pearl Dark Grey 4 items
  82. Pearl White 4 items
  83. Pewter 4 items
  84. Polished 12 items
  85. Polished Aluminium 6 items
  86. Polished Stainless Steel 5 items
  87. Polishing Service - Burnished 15 items
  88. Polishing Service - Hand Polished 15 items
  89. Polishing Service - Industrial 15 items
  90. Polishing Service - Mirror Polished 15 items
  91. Premium Finishes 5 items
  92. Premium Lacquer 16 items
  93. RAL 9016 White 3 items
  94. RAL Colour 255 items
  95. RAL Colour (Most Popular) 5 items
  96. RAL Colour (Other) 5 items
  97. RAL Colour/Colour Match 3 items
  98. Raw Metal 9 items
  99. Satin White 17 items
  100. Silver 7 items
  101. Slate Grey 6 items
  102. Special Finish 103 items
  103. Stainless Steel 7 items
  104. Standard Finishes 5 items
  105. Sublimation Print - Antique 1 item
  106. Sublimation Print - Copper Pipe 1 item
  107. Sublimation Print - Shipyard 1 item
  108. Textured Anthracite 27 items
  109. Textured Anthracite 7016 2 items
  110. Textured Black 1 item
  111. Textured Matt Anthracite 11 items
  112. Textured Matt Black 1 item
  113. Textured White 15 items
  114. Traffic White 4 items
  115. Travertine 2 items
  116. Volcanic 7 items
  117. Warm White 4 items
  118. White 212 items
  119. White - RAL 9010 30 items
  120. White - RAL 9016 31 items
  121. White Aluminium Matt 2 items
  122. White Matt 6 items
  123. White Sable 4 items
  124. White Sparkle 1 item
  125. Wood Effect 18 items

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Items 1-24 of 418

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Anthracite Radiators FAQs

The term anthracite refers to the dark grey hue which you might have seen on some of your favourite (not to mention trendiest) interior projects. It's increasingly used in show homes thanks to the contemporary feel which this colour represents, yet the colour is never intrusive or disruptive, the perfect choice for a designer radiator.

Radiators come in many different varieties, and anthracite colour presents the perfect antidote to more garish or bland options which have for so long dominated the radiator market. Key to the success of anthracite is its sheer flexibility. The colour can be clean and pure or work in more industrial spaces, all depending on the desired aesthetic of the designer and property owner.

A lot of designers will have a theme running through their projects, so they may have grey column radiators in the living room with an anthracite heated towel rail in the bathroom with contrasting black radiator valves to add a bit of modern flair to a designer radiator.

We see a lot of designers going for flat panel and oval column designer radiators as these accentuate the colour grey and anthracite. We see a lot of vertical radiators in grey using flat panel models as they blend so well into a feature wall.

With the wide array of designs, finishes, and durable materials offered by anthracite radiators, it's little wonder that they are so on-trend. Their slick, compact design combined with the depth of their finish makes them ideal for both maximising the sensation of space within a room while adding to the aesthetics. Our range of vertical, horizontal and columned designs shows the versatility of these radiators, which blend easily into any colour scheme or room layout, adding functional heating without compromising the aesthetic or sense of space.

Find the perfect feature in our vertical, wall-mounted, column radiator designs featuring bright colours and deep finishes. These options are perfect for those looking for more than a functional heater, doubling up their purpose to elevate the aesthetic of the room and deliver an eye-catching talking point that adds to the atmosphere even when switched off.

In our discreet, low-mounted, horizontal designs, explore their potential for subtle function. Our neutral coloured, stainless steel and aluminium horizontal designs present an understated yet complementary addition to any living space, providing a heat source that blends in well with the room, rather than detracting from the sensation of space or décor like more traditional designs.

Yes, they are the same thing. The reason we call them anthracite comes from the traditional RAL colour 7016 which is titled Anthracite Grey and most of the radiators within this selection come under this.