Manual Radiator Valves

When it comes to choosing a radiator, you need to make sure you also get the correct valves and accessories to go with it. Valves are important as they control the amount of heat leaving your radiator.

Here at Just Radiators, we stock over 200 manual radiator valves in a number of materials and finishes. Our huge range of manual radiator valves can either be straight, angled, square or corner. Furthermore, they come in anthracite, brass, chrome and much more. They are the smallest type of valve, should you be looking for something discreet and minimal, as they fit very neatly to your radiator.

Manual radiator valves are the most common type of radiator valve and work much like a tap. You turn the valve to let the hot water into the radiator to heat up the room, then switch it off again when the room gets to your ideal temperature.


Find Your Perfect Radiator Valves With Just Radiators

If you can’t find your perfect valve here, check out our huge range of radiator valves. We have over 600 radiator valves on offer so we are certain we’ll have something perfect for your heating needs and décor taste.

If you need help deciding between a manual radiator valve or a thermostatic radiator valve, take a look at our blog

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