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When waterproofing tile and stone areas, it is important that you have the correct accessories to ensure that the job has been done well. Three elements that we sell are primer, waterproofing paste and waterproofing tape.

This Ultimate Primer is suitable for use on all types of flooring. This primer only requires a single coat to work effectively as a result of its bonding quality and has a pristine key coat finish. Working best with flexible tile adhesive and levelling compounds that are flexible, Ultimate Primer is a must-have for ensuring a clean and professional-looking job.

Waterproofing paste, meanwhile, is designed to be used on tile and stone flooring and is also suitable to be used in shower areas. This high-quality, premium paste is renowned for drying quickly, meaning that you don't have to wait around to continue with the job. The liquid paste itself is an extremely flexible rubber membrane that works to its full potential in conjunction with our waterproofing tape.

Our waterproofing tape is suitable to be used on tile and stone flooring as well as in and around the shower to block miniature leaks or consistently wet areas. This tape can be cut to size and is predominantly used for reinforcing water joints in areas like kitchens or washrooms. It is most effective when used with a waterproofing paste which secures its position more firmly.

If you have any questions about our waterproofing accessories, get in touch with us today at Just Radiators. If you require further information about our range of products or wish to discuss items from our extensive collection of underfloor heating products, you can also submit an enquiry through our website.


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