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Underfloor Membrane & Cable

If you're installing an underfloor heating system, underfloor membrane and cables are essential for an efficient and high-performance system. Our underfloor membrane and cable kits have been designed to provide an all-in-one solution for quick installation and superior underfloor heating performance. At Just Radiators, our innovative underfloor membrane and cable solutions can be tailored to fit whatever space you need and can be simply installed under a wide range of surfaces thanks to the self-adhesive backing.

Made in the UK from premium ThermoSphere mesh, our underfloor membrane and cable options are designed to last for decades, using TwistedTwin cable construction for safer connections. In fact, all of ThermoSphere's underfloor heating systems have a lifetime guarantee once they've been registered online. With free UK delivery too, at Just Radiators, we have everything you need for an underfloor heating system that works for you. Our underfloor membrane and cable can be installed in a number of ways and can be ordered by m2 so you have the exact amount you need. This innovative heating solution can be installed under whatever floor service you desire, from tiled floors to carpets to engineered timber floors.

At Just Radiators, we are proud to stock a number of premium, designer heating brands at unbeatable prices. Underfloor membranes and cables are becoming popular methods of installation for many professionals, from renovators to hotel owners to plumbers and electricians. This innovative solution speeds up installation time and can save on manpower costs whilst ensuring a professional finish and a system that won't let you down. Our underfloor membrane and cable kits are compatible with a number of options, including smart home metres if you're looking for a fully integrated smart heating solution. You can control your underfloor heating system with a manual, programmable, or smart home thermostat depending on what best suits your project.