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Adhesive & Leveller

When installing underfloor heating, there's a lot that needs to be considered to ensure a sufficient job is carried out. With underfloor insulation, the right sealants and levellers must be used to allow property owners to get optimal results from their underfloor heating systems. When choosing the right adhesives or levellers from Just Radiators, you'll need to carefully consider the underfloor heating you have.


Tile adhesives are paramount to allowing your underfloor heating to function properly without causing any damage. A tile adhesive that is created for the purpose of underfloor heating will be able to withstand the pressure from the heating and cooling process that takes place. A good tile adhesive will prevent tiles from splitting, cracking or coming loose.

You will want a highly flexible tile adhesive, like the ones available at Just Radiators. Flexible tile adhesives, that conform to European standards, will create a suitable environment for your flooring and promote longevity, so you can enjoy your underfloor heating without the worry of something going wrong.


Whereas an adhesive is suited for tile flooring, levelling is designed to be laid beneath carpets, engineered floorboards, vinyl flooring and concrete sub-boards. A levelling compound is applied by pouring it over a surface for a durable finish. This is ideal to use over a heat mat or cabling and will dry within hours.

A leveller such as our ThermoSphere Flexible levelling compound will enable an effective and even spread of heat in a room, with no uneven temperatures.

ThermoSphere at Just Radiators

At Just Radiators, we stock ThermoSphere adhesive and leveller products. They are specially formulated for underfloor heating purposes and ideally should be used by any homeowner or installer fitting underfloor heating. These solutions help to warm a room are provide solutions that you can trust for years to come. Shop our selection of adhesives and levellers today.


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