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Underfloor Foil

Finding a way to heat your home during the winter that is efficient, cost-saving and simple to install isn't always easy. But underfloor foil is becoming a popular solution for homeowners looking to insulate large spaces without tearing apart half of their homes. It also works with a variety of flooring materials including wood, vinyl, carpet and laminate.

Installed underneath the flooring in a property, underfloor foil from Just Radiators acts as a continuous earth layer in the floor's structure. Laid out on top of existing underfloor insulation and below flooring, the thermal and reflective foil diffuses heat evenly throughout the room where it is installed.

Why choose underfloor foil from Just Radiators?

Long-lasting insulation: Underfloor foil is a durable material that, when installed underneath flooring, will last a long time. Underfloor foil, as a self-sufficient material, very rarely causes any problems and doesn't require any kind of maintenance or replacing.

Efficient: Underfloor foil is an efficient way to keep a property warm as it doesn't consume any resources to do so. Foil underfloor heating doesn't cost anything to run and is an environmentally friendly way to heat a home.

Easy installation: The aluminium material can be laid directly under flooring and can fit easily with other underfloor objects. No self-levelling is required when installing underfloor foil.

Suitable for wet rooms and bathrooms: Underfloor foil is ideal for any room in a property including bathrooms and wet rooms. It is best to check with certain products that they comply with building standards before using them in wet rooms.

Even heat throughout: With a double layer of foil, this underfloor insulation will evenly absorb and distribute heat throughout a room.

If you think this effective and efficient insulation solution would be beneficial to your property, then take a look at our range of underfloor foil today at Just Radiators.

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