Choosing the right radiators for your home is an important decision. It’s not a purchase you want to rush, as the radiator fulfils a crucial purpose: heating your home. The requirements for heating each room are different, you need to know as much as you can before choosing the right radiators for your home.

We’ve created a guide to help you pick the best radiator:

Different Types Of Heating 

First, consider the type of heating you have as central heating (gas or electric), electric heaters or dual fuel (a mixture of both gas and electricity).

An electric radiator is filled with fluid (usually a thermal fluid) that is heated by electricity. The radiator can be plugged into a power socket or wired into the main electricity supply.

A central heating radiator fills up with water which is heated by a boiler on the premises.

A dual fuel radiator is a mixture of a central heating radiator which can also be heated up with electricity when the central heating is switched off, in the summer for example.

When your radiators are switched on, they push out heat to warm the room and the rate at which this happens depends on the room.

The Room

Wherever in your home you need to install a radiator, each room will have different requirements when it comes to which radiator would work best.

Things to consider:

  • The size and shape of the room
  • The coldest and warmest parts of the room
  • Wall space and dimensions (how much space do you have and how big a radiator can it fit)
  • Wall height
  • The number of windows?
  • The heat you need to come out of the radiator (BTU)
  • The colour, style and size of the radiator to suit the shape and décor of your space

British Thermal Unit Calculator

Before selecting your radiator, you need to know what the heat output requirements of the room are. Don’t know what they are? Don’t panic.

We have a simple British thermal unit (BTU) calculator to help you measure the right heat output needed. This will depend on the dimensions of the room, the number and type of windows you have in it, and levels of heat.

The calculator will tell you what size radiator you need to make the room just the right level of cosy!

BTU Calculator.


Types Of Radiators

Once you’ve chosen the right place for it and established your BTU requirement, it’s time to know a little about each type of radiator so you can choose the right one for you.

Radiators come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. There are different features, functions and benefits to each shape, size and material.

Compact Radiators

Compact radiators are small, as the name suggests. They are designed to fit a small space, not take up too much room and do the job efficiently.

Small radiators

Like compact, only even smaller. View our selection of tiny but impeccably designed small radiators to give you an idea of what they look like and where/how they fit into your home.Small radiators are best suited to small areas or simply in a small room with less wall space.

Lux Heat Flat White Horizontal Radiator

Low-Level Radiators

As their name suggests, low level radiators are sleek and short and designed to fit into a space nearer to the ground. This is a good space-saving radiator and is also energy efficient so if these are two requirements you have, one of these just might be for you!

Flat Panel Radiators

Radiators with a flat smooth surface rather than separated panels radiating heat. Flat panel radiators look modern and sleek so would best suit a modern home and décor.

These come in different shapes and sizes so base your selection on the size of the room and wall space.

Traditional Radiators

These are the column radiators (also known as ridged or tubular) and they’re still quite common due to their classic style. Again, the size and shape of the traditional radiator will vary, so choose one according to where you are installing it, taking into consideration BTU requirements, and wall size.

Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are increasingly popular in modern homes; they stand tall and fit nicely against a narrower wall so are total space savers while providing full body warmth to anyone standing close!

Because of their shape, they can often become the focal point of the room, part of a feature wall! For that reason, choose your material wisely. You’ll want it to stand out while being in keeping with the tone of your interior design.

Towel Radiators

Now these have a specific function and the clue is in the name. Towel radiators are ideally suited for your bathroom where they can help dry your towels and warm them up for you ready to use, It certainly takes the edge off stepping out of a hot shower in the middle of winter!

Lux Heat Black Towel Radiator in a modern bathroom.

Radiator Materials

Radiators are made using different types of material and each type has different features and benefits. The material it is made from also affects the BTU output of the radiator (as does its size of course)

Cast Iron Radiators

These radiators are full of character and charm and they carry with them an old-fashioned grace which works beautifully in any traditional or modern home. Cast iron radiators are truly stylish so whatever style your home is, one of these makes a statement.

Cast iron radiators take a while to heat up and a while to cool down so bear in mind when deciding what’s best for you.

Lux Heat Classic 4 Column Cast Iron Horizontal Radiator

Stainless Steel Radiators

Stainless steel radiators are impossibly fancy looking – sleek, trendy and shiny. They can be vertical or horizontal, small, compact or low level and made of shiny stainless steel. These suit a bathroom or a particularly modern, minimalist décor.

Stainless steel will not rust and will stay warm for a long time after you’ve switched it off so it’s cost-effective.

Chrome Radiators

If you thought you couldn’t get more shiny than stainless steel, let us introduce you to chrome radiators.

They are luxurious, and reflective (so they brighten up a room and make it look bigger) and are as cost-effective as stainless steel.

Ultraheat Sofi Vertical Radiator in a chrome finish.

Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium radiators provide the ultimate wow factor in the luxury heating department.

These radiators are a tad more expensive than the others, for very good reason. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, and aluminium radiators heat up fast and stay hot. They’re also light so will be easily fitted to any type of wall, and they’re also extremely stylish!

Reina Casina Vertical Aluminium Radiator in an anthracite grey finish.

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Now you’ve had an overview of shapes, sizes and materials, you can decide what you need. You also need to consider accessories and extra parts your new radiator might require so check out our valves and accessories section here.

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