Corner Radiator Valves

Corner radiator valves curve round into a corner shape, as the name suggests. They are essentially angled valves with tops that face the wall rather than out towards the room. These are the perfect choice if you’re looking to blend your radiator valve into your surroundings. Also, corner radiator valves are often a better choice if you concerned about catching your, or someone else’s, ankle or shin on a protruding corner.

We have a wide selection of corner valve sets, in different styles and finishes; from brass to chrome. With over 100 Corner radiator valves, we are sure to have something that fits your space and heating needs.

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Corner Valve Popular Questions

What Are Corner Valves?

Corner radiator valves are positioned parallel to the wall and facing inwards. As a result, these radiator valves are perfect for people who want to preserve space.

What Are The Benefits Of Corner Valves?

  • Neat & tidy – Corner radiator valves are cleverly designed to guarantee that no visible piping obstructs the room's atmosphere. Corner valves are great if you place a high value on interior design.
  • Wall space - These valves can be installed directly into the floor or through a tiny hole in the wall. In comparison to other valve types, they take up as little space as feasible.