Dry Electric Towel Radiators

What’s the difference between dry electric towel radiators and standard electric towel radiators?

A dry electric radiator is not filled with the oil solution that is found in most radiators, this usually makes them safer as there is no oil so there isn’t any risk of a leak.

This collection of dry electric towel radiators should be silent when they’re running as they're oil-free. This also makes installation easier as they’re lighter than standard filled radiators.

Another benefit of dry radiators is that they heat up fast and cool down faster than oil-filled radiators, meaning when you turn that thermostat you’ll start feeling the difference straight away.

A dry electric towel radiator is also seen as being an even greener option than standard electric radiators because; they don’t use any oils or substances which may be harmful, using electricity to heat up rather than oil will reduce your energy bill and save you a pretty penny in the long run.

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