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Electric Stainless Steel Radiators

When you install your electric stainless steel radiator in the bathroom, it brings a fashionable edge to the décor whilst serving two important functions: warming your bath towels and heating your bathroom!

Anyone who has enjoyed the luxury of a warm towel after a shower or bath on a cold winter morning will confirm that there are few things as lovely.

As they are electric and have their own heating element, they are totally independent of your heating system. You can turn them off and on as and when you require.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant so an excellent choice for a room where moisture is prominent in the air. It’s also an effortlessly chic finish and looks great which is a bonus.

Electric Stainless Steel Radiators at Just Radiators with best prices and free UK delivery

Choose from our gorgeous selection of electric stainless steel radiators, perfect for drying and warming your towels, heating your bathroom and competing your bathroom décor.

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