Cast iron radiators are a thing of beauty. They are classically designed heaters that add character to period properties and enhance a modern one with an air of class and style. These living room radiators can help any period piece.

They’ve stood the test of time in terms of their aesthetic appeal. Today’s cast iron radiators have all the qualities and functionality of a modern radiator, styled with old-fashioned charm.

If you are looking at getting one or several cast iron radiator(s) for your home, here’s what you need to know.


They retain their heat

One thing you may already know is that the cast iron radiator does take a while to warm up, simply because of the nature of cast iron. But once they are heated up, they’re in it for the long haul. It will keep your room warm long after you have turned it off, making them cost-effective and durable. So, cast iron radiators aren’t suited to those who like a short sharp burst of heat to get warm, but they will heat up the room slowly but surely.

As it does take a cast iron radiator longer to warm up, you need to ensure that your boiler is healthy before you have your new radiator installed. Consider the possibility of upgrading your boiler.


They heat up evenly

Even heat distribution is a massive pro when it comes to cast iron radiators. Because of how compact they are, how they’re built, and based on how many columns they have, their heat output is excellent. The heat is also distributed evenly across all corners of the room.

So, you won’t find cooler spots or areas of the room that your cast iron radiator hasn’t reached, as it heats up the entire room remarkably well.


They are affordable

If you compare this material to steel, aluminium, chrome or other materials, cast iron radiators are a very affordable option. Our traditional radiators start from only £14.

Given that they are energy efficient and retain their heat, this can lower energy bills. So, cast iron radiators are extremely affordable compared to others.


They are long-lasting

You can be confident that when you install your cast iron radiator, you’ll have it there for a lifetime. They’re built to last, provided you take good care of them. Replace the assembly gasket when needed, give the surface of the radiator a good clean and a fresh coat of paint from time to time, and it might last you a century.


They look amazing

Style-wise, you can’t get any better than a gorgeous, classic cast iron radiator.  They are majestic and sumptuous, and strike of a time gone by when all things were lovingly built to stand the test of time…What’s more, they’re back in fashion so this is demonstrative of their timeless nature.

A cast iron radiator fits beautifully into a traditional or period property of course but also in an ultra-modern, minimalist home because it stands out as a work of art. It fits as majestically into your interior design as a painting or chandelier.

Furthermore, they are the only type of radiator you can customise! You can paint a cast iron radiator without causing any damage or danger, so you can let your creative juices flow!


They are sturdy

This is worth considering when it comes to the installation. It also means they cannot be mounted on the wall

but must be placed on the floor. Cast iron is heavy so do not attempt to undertake the installation alone, get the professionals to do it. Their heaviness means they are sturdy and durable, two qualities you absolutely want in a radiator.

If you need further convincing, then have a look at a few of our cast iron radiators. The Beaumont Victorian 4 Column for example, available in many different colours. Or this marvellously elegant Rococo Royale pictured to the right:


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